Thursday 17 January 2019

In Memory of Kinga Glowacka (Kay)

If you follow Kinga's twitter, you will know that she was involved in a fatal accident on the 12th December 2018. She was only 26. I am her partner, Sakima, and I wanted to put together a final post for her blog. I apologise for the delay in putting this together - it has been an insanely hectic and difficult time since her passing. 

Kinga, or Kay as you all know her, loved blogging, and the blogging community - it gave her an outlet and a sense of purpose. She dreamed of doing this for a living someday - growing her brand and working in this industry. Her dream was to one day create her own perfume range (anyone who follows her here will know how much she loved and hoarded perfumes). She was always so driven, and I have no doubt she would have gotten there one day.

I met Kinga nine and half years ago, when she was 16, and I was 17. We grew up together, essentially. Words cannot do justice to my own feelings about her - and many of those thoughts are for her ears alone. She was a truly wonderful woman, who has left a hole in mine, and her family's life that will never be filled. She is survived by her parents, and younger brother. And a hamster, of course... She loved her Cinnamon Roll.

Kinga was always happiest when we had a holiday booked; and we had just booked our 10 year anniversary trip to Cyprus in May. She would have continued with her passion to create things – she had just started putting together a book on perfume. According to her plan, she was about two years away from becoming a mother –  we are all robbed of seeing the amazing, wonderful woman she was destined to become. 

If anyone wants to see the official press release (I wrote this as well) then you can find it here. It provides slightly more detail about the accident.

Below are some tributes that have been left by some of her blogging friends. I thank anyone who contributed to this. If anyone else has a tribute to add, feel free to leave a comment.

Mira Sophie (@Mira113)

Kay was one of the first bloggers I truly connected with and I always enjoyed reading her blog so much. It was through her that I got to know the blogging community and made many friends on here and I will always be grateful for that ❤️ She was one of the best people who followed my blog and her encouragement meant the world. She will be dearly missed in the blogging community.

Leta (@TheNerdyMeBlog)

Kay was one of the first people I've met in the blogging community. She was such a lovely, warm and special soul. I remember talking with her about literally everything from our similar origin to blogging world. I cannot explain how much I cared for her as a friend. She always supported me, showed love and caring, made me feel included and like I belong to a community, like a had a close friend that will always stand by me even if I have never met her in a real life. For that I will be forever thankful. Some time has already passed but I am still in a deep denial. I simply cannot believe that Kay is no longer here with us. She will no longer reply to me on any social media, she will no longer be able to show her support and I will no longer be able to get inspired or learn something new from her. Most importantly, I will not be able to actually meet her in real life. This is heartbreaking truth that I do not want to accept. But I sincerely hope that Kay is in a good place now, that she is not in pain, that she is smiling and looking at all us from above with the same kind and big hearth that we all know she had. You will always be in my heart, Kay.

Thefashionfolks (@thefashionfolks)

I'm so grateful to have had her as a blogfriend and grateful for the bonding through fashion and beauty. She has encouraged me immensely through the years and for that I'm ever so thankful. She had a lovely way of spreading happiness and her presence online will truly be missed by me and many more in the blogging community - no doubt about it.

Nadia (@MielandMint)

Kay, where do I even start… I miss you. From the moment we started blogging around the same time 3-4 years ago, we connected and have been there for each other. Not only supporting each other’s creativity, but being friends and getting to know each other. I am so lucky we got to chat on Skype as well - you were so lovely and bubbly. You’re such a ray of sunshine, Kay. You’ve made such a massive impact on so many people in the blogging community. You will not be forgotten by everyone who you became friends with. Thank you for your friendship and for always being so wonderful and sweet. You are so so missed by myself, your friends and your loved ones. Sending you heaps of love… and thank you so much for being my friend. You will always stay in my heart and memories. xxxxxxxxxx

And finally Hannah E. Padilla (@im_hannaheunice) posted her own tribute post on her blog. You can find it here: Below is an extract:

Her passion for blogging and taking photos showed, and it inspired so many others. I was always looking forward to her next post. Despite how well-known she was in the blogosphere, with a fairly large following on Bloglovin’ and Twitter…she was just one of the nicest bloggers I knew. She never let the popularity, tags, etc.get to her head and she still went out of her way to get to know you, reply to your comment and comment on your blog back. Once bloggers reach to a point where they think they “made it”, they don’t bother. Not Kay. 

The outpouring of grief from the community has been overwhelming, and I just want to thank everyone on behalf of myself and her family for their messages of support (her family have read them). 

If any of you wish to stay in contact for any reason - or see more pictures, you are welcome to add me on Facebook (Sakima Branch) - I know a couple of people have asked. Just message me before you do so I know who you are. I intend to keep paying for this domain, and keep this blog up indefinitely. I may add another post when her headstone is ready, or perhaps for more thoughts. But this is it for now. Thank you all for supporting Kinga through her 3 year journey with this blog - I know it gave her much comfort and support when times became harder for her.


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