Monday 16 October 2017

Forced Positivity In Blogging & Why It's Okay To Be Sad

Hello, my loves! Today's topic is going to be very different and a little difficult to talk about, but it's something that's been on my mind for a while. I am going to start off with a little confession - personally, I have always struggled with happiness. And I think that a lot of people do, actually. It's not that I'm always sad, but I definitely find it difficult to always think positively, and to achieve that level of unbreakable, carefree happiness that's often promoted on blogs and social media. Sometimes, I let things get to me too easily, and a lot in my life is far from perfect - but that's only natural. I honestly don't believe that it is possible, normal or healthy for anyone to be 'always happy'. Life happens, and we all have our own struggles, insecurities, and battles to fight. All of those things - good or bad - are what makes us human, and we should never deny them.


Wednesday 11 October 2017

Makeup Haul + First Impressions! Urban Decay, NYX, Benefit And More

Hello, jelly beans! It's been a while since I got myself any new makeup (I'm committed to using up what I already have first, although all it takes is a 20% off Feelunique voucher to convince me otherwise!), so today I am very excited to be bringing you a little haul. It's a combination of popular drugstore and high-end goodies which had been on my wishlist for months, so I was very curious to find out whether they live up to the hype. I hope you enjoy this little shop and tell!


Tuesday 3 October 2017

Testing Out A £200 Perfume... Is It Worth It?! 'Spring Flower' By Creed

Hello, lovelies! Today, I am very excited to finally review a fragrance that I've been wanting to talk about for a long time - Spring Flower by Creed. This perfume retails for £190 (!) on the Creed website, and it is easily the most expensive and luxurious scent that I have ever tried. Now, luckily, I did not have to spend nearly £200 on this fragrance - I love my perfumes, but I don't think I could ever do that! I actually found this little gem in my local TK Maxx for just £50, which is an amazing discount and one that I just could not walk away from. Today, I will be sharing with you my (brutally!) honest thoughts on this incredibly expensive scent. Hope you enjoy!

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