Wednesday 29 November 2017

Anna Sui 'Fantasia' Perfume Review + Life Update!

Hello, my loves! I know that it's been a very long time since my last post, and I was actually considering writing a separate life update before jumping back into the usual content. However, there actually isn't all that much to be said, so I will add a short update at the end of this post instead. Today, I am back with a perfume review that I have been wanting to write for a while! Anna Sui recently launched a brand new fragrance, Fantasia (£28 for 30ml), and to be honest - the moment I laid my eyes on it, I just knew that I had to have it. I mean... Just look at this bottle! This has to be one of the most unique, gorgeous bottle designs that I have ever seen! I wasn't even remotely bothered with the actual fragrance or what it would smell like - I was out the door and at the local Fragrance Shop as soon as it launched. Today, I will be sharing with you my honest thoughts on this perfume, so I hope you enjoy - and welcome back! 
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