Wednesday 16 September 2015

How to get thicker, fuller-looking eyelashes

Hey lovelies! 

Today, I'd like to share with you a few tips I use for getting the most out of my mascara, and giving my lashes a little more volume. Although applying a mascara isn't something that takes up a lot of time in a typical makeup routine, a few small adjustments to your technique can make a huge difference (especially if your lashes are naturally thin and short, like mine). Thick, full, long lashes can really make your eyes stand out, and beautifully enhance any makeup look. Here are a few simple steps to my daily mascara routine:

Things you'll need: eyelash curler, a bit of baby powder or your usual makeup powder, your favourite mascara (I use a separate one for my bottom lashes)

Step 1) Eyelash curler is a must! Use it on clean, mascara-free lashes. I have the Tweezerman Great Grip Eyelash Curler (£15), which is very comfortable and easy to use. I like to heat mine up before use, for about 10 seconds with a blow dryer. I find that it makes it much more effective at curling lashes, and it also makes your curls last a little longer. Just make sure you test the temperature on your skin first so you don't end up burning your eyes!

Step 2) Apply the first coat using your favourite mascara. Having the right mascara for your lashes is easily the most important step. I personally recommend trying out Chanel's Le Volume De Chanel in black (£25) - it gives brilliant volume without clumps, and makes your lashes appear much longer. It is a little more expensive than your usual drugstore mascara, but the quality is definitely worth the price (one bottle usually lasts me about four months). In terms of application, what works for me is a simple back-and-forth motion whilst moving the wand up my lashes.

Step 3) Dust a small amount of baby powder or your usual makeup powder over your lashes. This will make them appear a little thicker and more 'fluffy'. Be careful not to overdo it, though - you could easily end up with clumpy-looking lashes.

Step 4) It's time to apply second and third coats! This is why I love Le Volume De Chanel - it's very difficult to overdo it.You can layer the mascara easily and it never gets clumpy - all you get is thick, full-looking lashes. I also like to apply a bit of mascara on my bottom lashes to complete the look. Now, as much as I love Le Volume De Chanel, I don't think it's the best product to use on your bottom lashes. I prefer something that gives length, not volume, and that's why I use Lancome's Hypnose Star (which is a great mascara if you're after the 'falsies' effect!).

That's about it! Just a few simple tips, hopefully you'll find them useful. =) If you're interested in Le Volume De Chanel, but can't quite afford it, check out Elizabeth Arden's Double Density Maximum Volume mascara (you can find it on Amazon for about £9). It's a really good alternative - it gives you easily buildable volume, and the brush is wonderful to work with. 

What is your favourite mascara? Do you have any personal tips for getting thicker, fuller-looking lashes?    



  1. I haven't used any of these mascaras however they sound great! I like applying different mascaras to get more volume! x

    1. Great tip! Thank you for stopping by, lovely! <3 x x x

  2. Love all these products! I like applying several mascaras to make my lashes more sexy! ;) Kiss

  3. Good tip! I used to do that, but then I'd always over-do it lol. Thank you for commenting! <3 x x x

  4. Great post! I love step 3 advice, never tried that! x Ania

  5. That Chanel is my hole grail! I almost died a little of excitement when I saw it in your post haha xx

    1. Haha, I'm happy to have found a fellow Chanel Le Volume lover! =D I think I have tried at least fifty different mascaras in my lifetime, but this one is just THE BEST. <3 <3 Worth every penny. x x x


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