Sunday 25 October 2015

Diesel 'Loverdose' fragrance range - which one should you try?

What is the first fragrance that comes to your mind when you think 'autumn'? Personally, I associate this time of year with sweet, spicy scents that are warm and comforting during these grey, rainy, British autumn days. I wrote a more detailed post about my autumn fragrance recommendations here; and today I'd like to focus on one of my top picks for this season - Loverdose by Diesel. In my opinion, Loverdose is the definition of a 'comfort scent' - it's soft, warm, cosy, and very, very sweet. Aside from the main fragrance, there are also the 'Tattoo' (black bottle) and 'Red Kiss' (red bottle) limited editions. Both of these are very different to the original, and will suit different tastes. Today I'm going to talk about each of those in more depth, so if you're looking for a new fragrance for autumn, or maybe are already thinking about Christmas gift ideas, you'll hopefully find this a little helpful! :)

Loverdose: Diesel claims that this perfume contains molecules which stimulate the part of the brain responsible for feelings of attraction and lust, making it 'a weapon of mass seduction'. Whilst I find that to be highly unlikely (hasn't worked for me, anyway!), Loverdose is still a wonderful, sweet and spicy scent; with notes of vanilla, licorice, star anise and amber. It smells soft, warm and 'comforting' - it's like being wrapped up in a thick, fluffy blanket and burning your favourite candle on a cold, autumn evening. The bottle is absolutely stunning, too - designed to resemble a heart-shaped diamond pierced by an arrow, it's coloured in rich, vibrant shades of purple.

Try this if you like: Sweet, spicy scents with a lot of licorice and vanilla, such as Guerlain La Petite En Robe Noire, Lolita Lempicka, Jimmy Choo or Lancome La Vie Est Belle. Definitely avoid this if you dislike sweet perfumes!

Loverdose Tattoo: This limited edition has almost nothing in common with the original Loverdose - it's much more floral, elegant and sophisticated. The signature licorice note of Loverdose is completely missing from this perfume, and instead, we get a delicious, creamy blend of milk and rice notes, with a few floral accents. I've read quite a few reviews which compared this scent to a rice pudding, although I personally think that it doesn't smell that 'edible', but rather floral and naturally sweet. It actually makes me think of a luxurious body lotion, because of how creamy and milky it smells, but there's also a bit of gentle freshness to it. It's definitely one of the most unusual and unique perfumes I've ever smelled, and I highly recommend it, even if you're not a fan of the original Loverdose.

Try this if you like: Soft, feminine perfumes that are not overly sweet. Loverdose Tattoo is a little similar to Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto, Armani Si, and Kenzo Amour

Loverdose Red Kiss: Diesel promises this perfume to be a 'dangerous aphrodisiac', which combines a 'vibrant contrast between sensual orange blossom and addictive amber'. I actually find this scent to be fairly similar to the original Loverdose, minus the licorice, and with an addition of delicious cocoa and hazelnut. It's just as sweet, warm, and comforting, although slightly 'darker' and more fruity. The combination of cocoa and hazelnut makes it smell a bit like Nutella; whilst the orange blossom and cherries add some bitter fruitiness to the scent. It's very interesting and quite unusual, and I'd definitely recommend trying it if you like the original Loverdose. Personally, I think the bottle is the most attractive one out of the three - I really love the intense red shade! 

Try this if you like: Sweet fragrances with an edge, such as Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, Thierry Mugler Angel, or Rihanna Rebelle

Have you tried the Loverdose range by Diesel? What is your favourite fragrance for autumn? =)


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