Thursday 12 November 2015

Thank you + some bloggers to follow!

Hey beauties! I've started Shoes and Glitter a little over two months ago, and it's been a wonderful journey so far - I think I've finally found something that I truly enjoy doing, and that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I know I'm not exactly a beauty expert, or professional makeup artist; but sharing these posts and engaging with you all has been an amazing experience. I still consider myself very new to the blogging scene, but in those few months I've been lucky enough to meet so many kind and supportive people. I know that we only keep in touch via comments, but your input and thoughts motivate me to keep this blog going, and I've really enjoyed talking with you all!

Today's post is a thank you to everyone that reads my blog, and a shout-out to some of my favourite bloggers - please, do check them out! All of these ladies are fantastic bloggers, with creative and versatile content that's really worth a read. :) Of course, I can't tag all of the amazing blogs I've come across in this time; but here are a few of the standouts. Thank you lovelies for always stopping by to read my blog, and taking the time to share your thoughts -  it really means the world to me! 

This girl really knows how to dress! There are so many talented fashion bloggers out there who I truly admire; but her blog is the one that I keep going back to time and again. Jalisa's style is bold, colourful and very inspirational. It always amazes me how she manages to combine such vibrant clothing pieces into something that looks effortlessly stunning. She really knows how to play with colours, and always picks the most flattering accessories! 

Gemma at Jacquard Flower
Gemma's style is something that I can truly relate to - her choice of clothing is always in-line with my own, personal fashion taste. I love being able to look at a fashion post and say 'Wow, I could actually wear this!'. Gemma's outfits are always very well thought-out - classy, sophisticated; but still casual and wearable. She also writes occasional food and beauty posts, which are always a great read!

Samantha at My Beauty Cloud
Samantha is a fabulous beauty blogger who writes incredibly engaging, in-depth reviews. Her makeup/beauty preferences are similar to my own, which makes her blog my go-to place for new ideas and products to try (not that I need my Christmas wishlist to be any longer than it already is!). Her posts on Korean beauty products are particularly interesting - make sure you check out her guide to Korean makeup, it's a fun and very helpful read! 

Arwa at Creme Rose
There are so many wonderful food bloggers out there, but Arwa's blog is the one I find myself going back to time and again. She shares some amazing, creative recipes with a focus on Middle-eastern cooking (including her own family recipes). Her recipes are also really quick and easy to prepare, which is great for cooking amateurs such as myself! Arwa's recently started a fashion series on her blog, and so far it's been absolutely fabulous, so make sure to check it out!

Hannah at Floraful
Hannah is an incredibly versatile blogger, who writes about a variety of topics including beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. I always admire bloggers who can talk about so many diverse topics, and do such a brilliant job at it! Hannah's travel posts are particularly interesting (make sure you check out her guide to her home city, Sacramento - it's a fab read!) - her writing is incredibly engaging, and she always includes the most beautiful photos.  

Being a beauty blogger myself, it is no surprise that beauty and makeup blogs are my favourite kind to read. Sitha's reviews are incredibly detailed, engaging and well written (she always includes amazing swatches as well). Her passion for makeup really shines through her posts, which makes her reviews a joy to read! She recently did a little copper smokey eye makeup tutorial which was absolutely fabulous - hope to see more posts like this, girl! 

I absolutely love Anne's beauty reviews - they're honest, in-depth and always feature high quality swatches. She always tests the products thoroughly before reviewing them, and talks about them in as much detail as possible. Aside from beauty, Anne also writes some amazing posts about travel and lifestyle. Her 'Inspired By' series is particularly interesting (she re-creates makeup looks as seen in ads, using her own products), so be sure to check it out! 

Nadia at Miel and Mint
Nadia is an engaging, talented writer with an inspiring outlook on life. Her lifestyle posts are always motivating and full of positive energy! Although she's a relatively new blogger, she already has a pretty big following which speaks volumes about the quality of her work, and the way she engages with her readers. Make sure you check out her 'favourite places in New York' series (part I and part II) - it's a very interesting read with some stunning photos!

Honestly, this list could go on and on! There are many more bloggers that I wanted to include, but there's only so much I can say in one little post. I'd definitely like to do more posts like this in the future, though, so let me know if you guys enjoy them. I'd also really appreciate any other input you may have on my blog - what do you like about it? Is there anything I could improve? What sort of posts would you like to see the most? Thank you again, lovelies! 


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