Wednesday 16 December 2015

Bargain Finds - L'Artisan 4 Piece Mini Fragrance Collection review

Hey lovelies! Today, I'm really excited to talk to you about this 4 Piece Mini Fragrance Collection by L'Artisan. I picked it up at my local TK Maxx for £20, which was a pretty good bargain considering the original price of about £45 RRP. Personally, I think that miniature perfume sets are a great way of introducing yourself to a new brand. You get to try a few different fragrances without having to commit to a full bottle; and even if you end up disliking some of them, it's not that much of a waste. Miniature sets are also a wonderful Christmas gift idea - they are a much safer option than purchasing a single perfume. A selection of smaller fragrances gives you several chances to find the scent that the person will love. Miniature sets also come in really gorgeous packaging, and are convenient to take with you when travelling because of their small size.

L'Artisan is one of the more 'niche' perfume brands - you are unlikely to find it in your local Boots or Debenhams. Their fragrances, although very luxurious and expensive, can often be found on sale online and in TK Maxx. L'Artisan are well known for their unusual scents (their perfume Deliria, for example, combines notes of cotton candy and metal!), as well as using only quality ingredients. This particular collection includes four unique, miniature scents (5ml each): Mure et Musc Extreme, Timbuktu, Le Chasse aux Papillons and Caligna.

Mure et Musc Extreme - This is a fairly simple scent which combines notes of bergamot, red berries and musk. For the first ten to fifteen minutes after spraying it, this perfume smells just like blackcurrant juice - it's pleasant, fruity, but not overly sweet. Unfortunately, the composition is slightly ruined by the musky notes which begin to emerge soon after the initial fruity blast. I really dislike all kinds of musky scents - something about them just makes me think of an old, dusty basement. Having said that, this perfume is still of great quality, and would be a treat for anyone who enjoys musky fragrances. If you like soft and powdery scents such as Narciso Rodriguez For Her, you'd definitely enjoy Mure et Musc

Timbuktu - This is definitely the most intriguing scent in this collection. Inspired by the famous African city, this fragrance combines exotic notes of green mango, papyrus and incense. It's very dark and smoky - the smell makes me think of a burning campfire and dry woods. As much as I enjoy it, I couldn't see myself wearing this on a daily basis. It's a little too masculine, and not really appropriate for casual wear. Having said that, I do appreciate its uniqueness and complexity - it's unlike anything I've ever smelled before. If you are not afraid of bold, unusual scents, you should definitely give Timbuktu a try! 

Le Chasse aux Papillons ('Chasing Butterflies') - This is probably my favourite scent in this collection. It's a lot more approachable and easier to wear than the the usual L'Artisan fragrances. Inspired by summer gardens and butterflies, Le Chasse aux Papillons combines delicate notes of orange blossom, apricot and saffron. Saffron is a very unusual flower, rarely used in perfumery. It smells bittersweet and leathery, which works really well when combined with sweet and fruity notes in this composition. This perfume makes me think of a dewy spring morning - I can smell freshly cut grass and flowers, with a hint of honey and fruits. If you like feminine, floral scents such as Elie Saab La Parfum or Stella McCartney, you'd definitely enjoy Le Chasse.

Caligna - Inspired by the French Provence, this perfume combines unique notes of clary sage and jasmine marmalade. Smelling this makes me think of an evening stroll around the beautiful, French countryside - it's incredibly soft, fresh and delicate. Although classified as 'unisex', Caligna is definitely more on the feminine side. It's very clean and inoffensive, and therefore perfect for casual wear. If you like simple, fresh fragrances such as Beauty by Calvin Klein, or Miracle by Lancome, you'll likely enjoy this one. 

I really enjoyed trying these fragrances - they are unlike anything I've smelled before. Whilst I can't see myself wearing these on a daily basis, sampling them was an intriguing experience and I have to give L'Artisan a lot of props for originality. Every single perfume in this collection has a unique concept behind it; each is inspired by a different place and culture. Overall, I'd give this 4 Piece Mini Fragrance Collection 6.5/10. If you are not into generic, mainstream perfumes, and want to try something a little more unusual, you should definitely check out this selection. 


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