Wednesday 13 July 2016

Boyfriend makeup knowledge tag!

Hello, gummy bears! Today, I'm really excited to be doing the 'Boyfriend makeup knowledge (or lack thereof)' tag. I first spotted this on Nadia's blog (she is my blogger bestie and an absolute star, so make sure you pop over to her blog and say hello!), and the answers made me laugh so much I just had to try it on my better-half. My boyfriend has been incredibly supportive throughout my blogging journey - he always reads my posts, and even suggests things for me to review when we're out shopping together. However, he seems to be completely immune to any kind of makeup knowledge, which is funny considering how much I go on about it. We both had so much fun doing this little tag, and I invite all you lovelies to join in and try it with your other half, also!

Here are my boyfriend's answers. Basically, I asked him to define each of the followings terms:
Bronzer. Oh, you buy that a lot, don't you... Does it add a bronze tint to your face? Well, it's called 'bronzer' so it's gotta be bronze in colour.
Blusher. You use it to add more colour to your cheeks.
Mascara. I know this one! This is used to colour your eyelids! (after I explained that mascara is meant for lashes, not eyelids) Ohh, it's for thickening or changing your eyelashes.
Eyeliner. This is for adding colour around your eyes. You use it to line your eyes black.
Strobing. Is it like, strobe lighting? You can use it to change your skintone, make it lighter or brighter?
Eyeshadow. I know this! This is used to colour your entire eye area. You don't personally use it much, though. (what the hell?)
Powder. There's such a thing? (after a long pause) Ohh, you use it to powder your face, with the puff thing that's really old-fashioned. (I don't even know anymore...)
Foundation. This is for covering up any imperfections in your skin facial area. You use it all the time.
Concealer. I guess this is for covering up spots as well? You probably use it all the time, then. (thanks for the vote of confidence, babe!)
Highlighter. (after a very long pause) I don't know, I just keep thinking about highlighter pens!!!
Setting spray. Is it a base coat for your face?
Contouring. I got this one! You use it to exaggerate the lines on your face, like cheekbones and stuff. I know you don't personally do it, I remember you saying that in the shop the other day.
Primer. I bought this so many times for you, but I have no idea what it actually is.
Lip liner. That would logically speaking be like... An eyeliner for your lips?
Brow pencil. You use this to cover up the gaps in your eyelashes... I mean, eyebrows! Or like, if someone doesn't have any eyebrows, they can just draw them on.

Was this test difficult, and why? Yes, it's like an entirely different language that I have no interest in learning! My makeup knowledge is similar to my cooking skills... And I don't even use the oven.
Could you do my makeup the same way I do it every day? Not a chance, you would probably end up looking like a clown if I tried.

Well, he tried his best, but there you have it! We had a good laugh doing this tag, although I was surprised he couldn't define even the most basic (in my opinion!) terms, like a lip liner... An eyeliner for your lips? I guess I can sort of see his logic there. ;) Hope you enjoy this little tag, and make sure to let me know if you end up doing it with your other half - I'd love to read it!

What are your thoughts on makeup and men?
Is your other half as immune to any makeup knowledge as mine? ;)


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