Friday 9 December 2016

Korean beauty mega haul + reviews!

Hello, my beauties! Today, I bringing you a huge round-up of all the lovely Korean beauty products that I've discovered recently. As mentioned in my Autumn favourites, I have been using nothing but Korean skincare for the past few weeks, and truthfully, my skin has never looked or felt better! Even my boyfriend, who doesn't normally take any interest in my beauty routine, commented one morning and said 'Wow, your skin looks really clear and radiant!'. This made me so happy! If you've read any of my previous skincare posts, you know that I've always struggled with oily skin and breakouts. These Korean goodies have really helped me to get things under control, which is why I'm so excited to talk to you about them today. Hope you enjoy!

These cute and innovative sleeping packs by Etude House come in three different versions - Green Tea, Strawberry and Black Tea (£12.99). They're basically night creams, but with a gel-like consistency and moisture capsule bubbles which you need to pierce and mix in with the formula. It's definitely not the most straightforward application process, but I think that it's worth the extra effort - the formula is incredibly effective! My favourite version is the Green Tea one, which is targeted at oily skin types and enlarged pores. Black Tea and Strawberry haven't been quite as useful for me, but it all depends on your skin type and preferences. One thing is for certain - all of these smell absolutely divine, and I adore the cute and quirky concept and the packaging!

Korean skincare is famous for its face masks, and after trying them out for about a month, I can honestly say that they live up to the hype! I have mainly been using It's Real Squeeze sheet masks by Innisfree (£1.99 each), and Water Bomb Jelly masks by Berrisom (£3.99 each). The main thing I love about these masks is how heavily saturated they are. I've tried sheet masks in the past, but I was never too impressed as they would often end up drying out after fifteen minutes. These, however, are completely soaked with a moisturising formula; they smell amazing and feel incredibly soothing on the skin. My favourite one is the Pore Care sheet mask by Berrisom - it really helps to clean out the pores, whilst still being gentle on the skin.

Etude House's Honey Cera Eye Pack is a miracle product for tired eyes like mine, and it quickly became my all-time favourite eye cream (£11.99). The formula is rich, thick (but not greasy!) and it smells like sweet honey. I've been using it on my under eyes every night for the past three weeks, and my skin already looks a lot smoother and brighter. The Magic Food Banana sleeping pack by Tony Moly (£12.99) is something I mentioned in my previous Korean beauty haul. I love that it smells just like a banana milkshake, although I do find it to be a little too rich and greasy for my oily skin. Whenever I use it, I wake up with a slight residue on my face in the morning, which isn't fun! I think that this would work quite well on dry skin types, and I still reach for it occasionally when my skin needs that extra moisture.

I'm still on the fence about the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream by Etude House (£10.99). It's supposed to 'melt off' your makeup, but I find that it's not really effective unless your face is already makeup-free. Having said that, it does a brilliant job at deep-cleaning the pores, and I've been using it as part of my evening skincare routine. The only reservation I have is that if you leave it on for too long, it can really sting and irritate your skin, so be careful especially around the sensitive areas!

I think I've discovered the two most adorable hand creams on the planet! Etude House's Don't Worry! I'm on Your Side (£5) hand cream is so cute and quirky, and it smells absolutely divine - the scent is sweet, powdery and floral. It only takes a few seconds to absorb into the skin, and it leaves your hands feeling and smelling soft and pleasant. The mango hand cream by The Face Shop (£5.99) is just as adorable, and I was happy to buy it for the packaging alone. Although the formula isn't exactly revolutionary, I love that it smells just like fresh mangoes!

Etude House's Don't Worry! I'm on Your Side lip balm (£3.50) is absolutely lovely, although I'm not overly happy with the reddish-orange shade I received (this one came as a free gift with the purchase!). It smells sweet and fruity and I really like the formula, so I can see myself reaching for it from time to time.

My favourite skincare product of the entire haul is this little gem by Koelf Cosmetics - Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Hydro Gel Eye Patch (£12.99). These little patches feel like jelly and smell like sweet roses, and they honestly work wonders for dark under eyes. I talked about these in my most recent YouTube video, and I'm slightly tempted to do a full review! Alongside with Etude House's Honey Cera eye cream (mentioned earlier), these two products have really helped to reduce my dark circles and make the skin smoother and softer.

Whilst I love Korean skincare, I wasn't too impressed with the makeup that I bought. The Lash Perm All Shockcara by Etude House (£12.99) is actually one of the most disappointing mascaras that I've tried. It promises 'shocking volume, curl and dramatic length', but it honestly doesn't deliver on any of these (luckily, it was another free gift with the purchase). Etude House's Woo Baby Lip Plumper (£11.99) is also quite underwhelming. It turned out to be just a standard, glittery pink lip gloss. It's pretty enough and it smells like candy floss (yummy!), but it doesn't do anything to make your lips look any fuller or plumper.

On a side note, you can find most of these products at MaskHouse UK. This is not sponsored, and I am in no way affiliated with the shop. It took me a while to find a reliable place online that sells Korean beauty products, and I wanted to share it! They have a little 'Boxes' section on their website where you can buy pre-made gift sets that will save you a lot of money. Everything in this haul is probably worth over £100 total, but I only paid £30 for a box that contained most of these products (and two free gifts)!

Have you ever tried any Korean beauty products?


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