Friday 10 February 2017

From Best To Worst Of Affordable Perfumes! Lipsy Trio Perfume Set Review

Hello there, my sweet muffins! Today, I am very excited to talk to you about this lovely perfume set by Lipsy, which contains three of their signature scents - the original Lipsy, Glam and Love. This set (exclusive to Superdrug) caught my eye mostly because of the low price tag - for £20, you get three full-sized perfumes (30ml each), which is pretty good value for money! Today, I will be sharing with you my honest thoughts on each one of these fragrances. Hope you enjoy!

I think that the bottle design is lovely, especially considering the low price! My favourite one is definitely the original Lipsy - captured in a pink, heart-shaped bottle, it looks incredibly cute and girly (larger versions come with a little charm around the bottle neck). The Love and Glam editions come in black and gold opaque bottles, which are also quite lovely and definitely look a lot more high-end than they actually are.

Lipsy (pink bottle). This is a fairly simple, fruity floral fragrance that's very light and delicate, but with an interesting twist. It's actually not sweet or sugary at all, which is definitely not what I'd expect from this cute, girly bottle design. It smells very fresh - 'straight out of the shower' kind of fresh, with an unusual twist of spicy ginger, which gives the overall scent more depth and warmth. Definitely a lot more likable than I expected, especially considering the low price! I think that this one would be perfect for casual wear during spring and summer months.

Lipsy Love (golden bottle). As much as I hate to say it - this has to be one of the most unpleasant fragrances that I have ever smelled! I am not sure how Lipsy managed to go from a lovely, fresh perfume like the original Lipsy to this synthetic mess. It's rare that I find a scent as off-putting as this one, which is a real shame. Love tries to be an elegant floral, but it's actually just unpleasantly sharp and artificial-smelling. There is a weird hairspray note in this, which really clashes with the floral background. Definietly recommend staying away from this one!

Lipsy Glam (black bottle). This is the sweetest fragrance out of the three, and I actually really enjoy it. You can tell that it's 'related' to the original Lipsy - it's sort of like its more grown-up, rebellious sister. It's fruity, but with an interesting background of sweet honey and smoky incense, which make the scent memorable and quite sultry. It's rare that you see incense used in affordable perfumes, and Glam captures it really well! This fragrance is quite heavy, and I think that it would be perfect for casual wear during colder months.

Overall, I think that this is a lovely, incredibly affordable perfume set with two gorgeous fragrances, and one that's unfortunately quite unpleasant. Despite my dislike for the golden Love edition, I'm still quite happy with this purchase - it's rare that you can find a set of three full-sized perfumes for only £20. The quality is great for the price - the bottles look lovely, and I have honestly tried high-end fragrances that offered worse longevity than these! Each one of the three scents is completely different, and has its own, distinct character (for better or worse!). You can purchase these as a set, or individually in your local drugstore!

What are your favourite affordable perfumes? 

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