Thursday 27 April 2017

Spring Favourites! Peaches, Makeup & Unicorn Mugs

Hello, my loves! Today, I am very excited to be sharing with you my spring favourites and this time, we will be talking about a lot more than just beauty products. Spring is by far my favourite season - I love the sunshine, blossoming flowers, and watching the whole world come to life after those gloomy, cold winter months. Spring is also the season when me and my better-half celebrate our anniversary, and we always make sure to do something really special for it. This year, we will relaxing on the sunny beaches of the Algarve in Portugal, and I honestly couldn't be more excited! It's going to be my first 'proper' beach holiday, so expect a lot of photos! Anyway, onto the favourites - I hope you enjoy them, in a slightly new format!

I absolutely love all things cute and girly, so when I spotted a little stand with Oh K! products in my local Boots, I simply couldn't resist (not sponsored, by the way - I wish, though!)! They offer everything from quirky novelty items and stationery, to Korean beauty products. I have picked up a few goodies, and I've been completely in love with all of them!

Panda water bottle (£7, Boots). I am pretty bad when it comes to drinking enough water (definitely more of a caffeine person, which isn't good!), but having a cute water bottle like this one is definitely encouraging. The design is simple, but adorable; with a cute all-over print, a happy panda face at the front and a bright yellow cap. I have been taking this to work everyday, and it's definitely helped to improve my water intake!
Sweet peach-scented detangle brush (£9, Boots). I have been obsessed with this! It's not only cute, but also very effective at detangling my thick, long hair without damaging it. The brush is scented, and it will make your hair smell like sweet peaches when you brush through it. It is a pretty strong fragrance, too - I could smell it as soon as I picked it up in the shop, even before it was out of the packaging!
Cherry blossom panda hand cream (£6.50, Boots). This was definitely one of those times when I bought something just for the packaging - the panda-shaped pot is just too adorable! The hand cream itself is very lightweight and moisturizing, with a subtle cherry blossom fragrance that is perfect for spring.
Lip balm duo (£8, BeautyBay). These are not only cute to look at, but also incredibly moisturizing and I actually prefer these over my EOS lip balms. The formula is enriched with coconut oil, leaving your lips feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. They also smell and taste absolutely delicious; with candy floss and white peach flavours! .

As the weather is finally starting to get a little warmer, I have been opting for less heavy foundation and instead, I've gone back to using my all-time favourite oil-free BB cream by Garnier (£6.50, Boots). This BB cream offers decent coverage for such a lightweight formula, and it's especially amazing if you have oily skin. Another old favourite that I've been revisiting is the Voyage Vol. 2 face palette by TheBalm (£16.99, TKMaxx). Whilst I'm not too keen on the eyeshadow selection, I have been loving the four face powders - the palette includes two blushes, one bronzer and a highlighter. The blush colours are soft and perfect for spring, and the highlighter is very similar to the cult LouManizer - it gives you that delicate, healthy glow without being too blinding. You can check out my full review and swatches of this palette here!

As for my favourite lip products, I have been loving the new Dior Gel Lacquer Stick in Lazy (£26.50, Boots). The formula is comfortable and moisturizing, and it honestly feels more like a luxurious lip balm rather than a classic lipstick. The shade is a gorgeous pink - it's versatile, feminine and subtle, and it goes well with any spring makeup look (full review coming soon!). Another favourite is Jeffree Star's Velour liquid lipstick in Rose Matter (£16, BeautyBay). The formula is exceptional, incredibly long-lasting and a lot more comfortable to wear than your typical liquid lipstick. The dusty pink shade is bright, vibrant and perfect for spring (full review and swatches here)!

It's always difficult to pick out just one favourite perfume, but the one that I've been reaching for the most is the new Mon Guerlain by Guerlain (£40, Escentual). This is a beautiful, classic floral fragrance that's alsoversatile and easy to wear. The composition is a harmonious blend of soft lavender notes with hints of bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla. Although I am not typically a fan of lavender-based scents, I think that it smells beautiful here - clean, fresh, soothing and almost powdery, more like lavender-scented tissues rather than an actual flower. The quality is absolutely top-notch, as you would expect from a luxurious brand like Guerlain; with lasting power of about six to eight hours. If you're interested, you can check out my full review of Mon Guerlain here!

Although I don't really tend to talk about skincare on my blog (I leave that to my favourite skincare gurus like Anne!), I just had to include this Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean cleansing milk (£5.50, Boots) in my favourites. This cleanser has been my main go-to for removing makeup - it's incredibly effective (even if you wear pounds of foundation, like myself) whilst still very gentle and soothing on the skin. Another thing that I love about it is the fragrance! This is, hands down, the best-smelling skincare product that I have ever tried - it smells like sweet peaches and cream, and the fragrance lingers on the skin for a little while after use. I never really bothered with cleansing milks before, but since discovering this, I cannot imagine my evening routine without it! 

I have always been a flats girl at heart, but in the light of our upcoming trip to Portugal (I am expecting to be doing a lot of hiking!), I decided to invest in a more durable pair of shoes. I tend to steer away from trainers as they usually seem a little too masculine for me, but these Nike Roshe One (£99, Littlewoods) are the girliest trainers I have ever seen! They are not only gorgeous, but also very practical, light, and basically the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I find that whilst most shoes take a little while to break into, these were a perfect fit from day one. They are very light and make you feel like you're walking on the softest foam! Definitely recommend these if you are looking for a sturdy pair of trainers that are not only practical, but also incredibly cute!

I know that this one is completely random, but I just had to include it as it is probably my favourite mug design ever. My boyfriend picked up it for me as a surprise gift at a local Asda (basically, a UK version of Walmart) - he said he was sure that I was going to love it, and he was right! As far as I know, it cost only £3, which is surprising considering that the quality is pretty great. I've always had a weakness for adorable mugs (and I have too many... A mug collection post?), and this unicorn design has to be the cutest that I have ever seen!

I hope that you enjoyed this season's favourites! Let me know what things you've been loving this spring. x 

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