Monday 19 June 2017

Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy Rosé' Perfume Unboxing!

Hello, my loves! Today, I am very excited to be bringing you a brand new unboxing and first impressions post. We will be talking about the gorgeous Viva La Juicy Rosé by Juicy Couture (£36 for 30ml, FeelUnique). This one was a complete blind buy for me, which isn't something I like to do very often, but I couldn't find a sample anywhere! I had no idea what to expect from this perfume, but I was completely drawn to the gorgeous, girly bottle design. Today, I will be sharing with you some of my initial thoughts on this scent. Hope you enjoy!

I don't typically like to spend too much time talking about the bottle design, but this one deserves its own paragraph as it is just so unique and pretty. The glittery gold bottle comes with a big, pink ribbon wrapped around the cap, a little pendant and the Juicy Couture logo printed on the front. Initially, I was worried that the bottle might end up looking a little cheap in person, but it turned out to be beautiful and incredibly girly. This is one of those perfumes that I think would be worth getting just for the bottle alone, especially if you are considering it as a gift. It's cute, catchy but not tacky, as well as sturdy and well-made.

Upon spraying the scent for the first time, I was enveloped by a wave of uplifting, juicy freshness; which is definitely not what I expected! I was prepared for something a lot more sugary-sweet like the original Viva La Juicy; but I was pleasantly surprised with how light and fresh this edition turned out to be. Something about this scent is so bubbly and fizzy; like a glass of freshly poured champagne (which would match the name 'Rosé', referring to rosé wine, as opposed to a rose flower), on the bed of delicate peonies, making the overall composition very spring-like. This fragrance is a lot more grown-up than the bottle might suggest, with some lovely floral and balsamic accents lingering in the background. The overall scent is fairly simple and uncomplicated, and it doesn't really change throughout the day as you wear it. I only wish that it'd last a little longer, as the longevity is only about three to four hours.

Overall, I really love Viva La Juicy Rosé, and I think that it would be perfect for anyone who's looking for a versatile, casual, feminine fragrance that's equally fruity and fresh. There aren't many perfumes out there with that unique 'sparkling' feel, which makes this one stand out from the crowd. The bottle is absolutely stunning, and it would make for a perfect gift idea. The only downside is the poor lasting power, which is why I'm giving Viva La Juicy Rosé an honest 8/10!

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