Tuesday 5 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide - Cute Edition! Mugs, Planners and Tamagotchis!

Hello, jelly beans! It's only nineteen days left until Christmas, and I'm sure that a lot of you have already done your Christmas shopping - I tend to leave mine until a little later in the month, as I really enjoy browsing for gift ideas for my loved ones, and always want to make sure that I get them something that they'll really like! Hopefully it's not too late for a little gift guide post - with a Shoes and Glitter twist, of course! Today, I've put together for you some of the cutest gift ideas for this Christmas, which include everything from perfumes, to cute stationery and retro toys. I hope you enjoy! 

If you're looking to get someone special some cute stationery, then a Molang planner will definitely be a winner (not sponsored, although I talk about these so often, I should really be their brand ambassador by now!). These are honestly my all-time favourite journals - they are not only adorable, but also practical, and they actually make me look forward to planning out my weekly activities. These planners includes pages for your weekly and monthly schedule, cute graphics on every page (featuring the Japanese cartoon character, Molang), and lots of room for your personal notes. You can get these on eBay for about £10 (just search for a 'Molang planner'), which is a good price for something that would make a very special Christmas gift. There are tons of different colours and designs to choose from (including a few Christmas-related ones!), and they come out with a new edition every season!  

Cute mugs are amongst my favourite things ever to collect, and I think that they always make lovely Christmas gifts - who doesn't like an adorable mug, after all! My favourite two mugs at the moment that I'd recommend include this beautiful unicorn mug (bottom left) and the Care Bears mug (top right, both between £3-£5, Asda). They're super cute, and the quality is outstanding especially for the price - they look and feel a lot more expensive than they actually are. And if you are looking for something a little more Christmas-related, I'd wholeheartedly recommend either the adorable reindeer-shaped mug (bottom right. £5, Asda), or the polar bear mug that's also much bigger because of the shape (top left, £7, Sainsbury's). 

Whenever I'm asked about what fragrances I'd recommend as a Christmas gift, I often go with one of Viktor & Rolf's perfumes as they are incredibly versatile, likeable whilst still gorgeous and memorable. Flowerbomb (£51  for 50ml, John Lewis) has always been amongst my all-time favourites, and I'd recommend it to anyone - it's feminine, sparkling and sweet; with slightly dark, earthy undertones. It's probably one of the most well-known fragrances out there, and for a good reason - it's so easy to wear and love; and despite being quite sweet and fruity, it still has some incredible complexity and depth to it. Another lovely option for Christmas is BonBon (£44 for 50ml, Debenhams) - it is honestly one of the most delicious perfumes I've ever smelled! If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I'd say that it smells like a yummy caramel dessert, with thick slices of juicy peach on top. It's very sweet, but not overwhelming or generic, and the scent changes a lot as you wear it throughout the day. This fragrance honestly smells good enough to eat, and I couldn't recommend it enough!

All of my 90's kids out there will surely remember the Tamagotchi craze - the cute little virtual pet toy really took over the world at one point, and most of us had at least one in our childhood. Well, it turns out that Tamagotchis are still a thing in 2017, and they're especially popular in Japan amongst children and adults alike. Moreover, they're so much more advanced now with colour screens, more characters, pets, locations, jobs and skills. I bought one last year just for nostalgia's sake, but I actually got pretty hooked on it and started collecting more! I think that these would be a wonderful, fun gift for any 90's kid - they're honestly so much fun to play with, and not as demanding as you might expect. The two Tamagotchis I have are the Tamagotchi P'S (blue, about £30 on eBay, custom crochet cover bought on Etsy), and the Tamagotchi M!X 20th Anniversary Edition (pink, about £40 on eBay, crochet cover also bought on Etsy). 

I hope you enjoyed this post! It seems that everyone is doing their Christmas shopping earlier and earlier every year, so hopefully it's not too late! What gifts are you getting your loved ones this Christmas? x 

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