Friday 20 April 2018

Take A Walk On The Dark Side... Kat Von D 'Sinner' Perfume Review!

Hello there, my loves! Today, I am very excited to be bringing you a very special perfume review. It's been a little while since I've done one of those, as, to be honest - I just haven't been buying as many fragrances lately. I am quite happy with my perfume collection as it is now, so whenever I buy a new scent, it's because I really love it (review spoiler alert!). I've always heard such amazing things about the Kat Von D brand, but I've actually never tried any of her makeup. Her fragrances have also always been very popular, and this one - Sinner - is actually a re-launch of an older version from 2009. Today, I am very excited to share with you loves my honest thoughts on this scent. Hope you enjoy!

The very first thing that caught my eye was the unique, dark and edgy bottle design. I am definitely a sucker for pretty fragrance bottles, and this one is unlike anything else in my collection. I usually like my bottles quite cute and girly, but this one is very intriguing and feels like a breath of fresh air amongst the mainstream fragrances. It's definitely a very 'Kat Von D' design - the bottle has lots of gothic, dark flower and skull accents and as you can see, it does not look cheap at all. It's heavy, sturdy and of very high quality. Again, not typically my style, but I love it nonetheless!

As for the scent itself, it turned out to be a lot more 'tame' and easier to wear than I initially expected. The composition is fruity from the sweet plum, earthy from the patchouli; and with a floral heart of jasmine and delicate orange blossom. Patchouli is typically a very strong, heady note in perfumes (think of a scent that's sweet, dark and earthy, but with a woodsy edge), but here, it blends in so nicely with juicy plum and spicy cinnamon. I actually saw someone online say that this perfume smells like Halloween, and honestly I couldn't agree more. There is something very 'bewitching' about it - mysterious, feminine, and with a very interesting 'smoky' quality that you don't often see (or smell!) in mainstream fragrances. Personally, I'd say that Sinner reminds me of perfumes like Black XS by Paco Rabanne, or maybe Coco Noir by Chanel - it shares the same dark, mysterious heart; but it's still definitely very unique, and worth trying out for yourself.

Try this if you like: perfumes that are different, dark, a little edgy; but still very warm and feminine. I think that Sinner would be a perfect fragrance for night-time wear, and especially during colder months (heavier notes tend to blossom on the skin in lower temperatures). If you tend to dislike the more mainstream sugary-sweet perfumes, but still want something that's versatile and not too overwhelming, then I'd definitely recommend that you give this one a try!

Overall, I really enjoy this perfume and I've been wearing it quite a lot recently (I know I said that it's more suited for night-time wear, but because I am odd, I like to bathe myself in the heaviest of scents even if all I do is go out to a supermarket, ha!). I find that it definitely performs better in colder weather, although it's honestly not overwhelming at all - not as much as you'd probably expect judging by the bottle. The lasting power is great (six to eight hours); as is the quality and the overall composition - it's just so mesmerising and well thought-out. Whilst I have never tried the original Sinner from 2009, I would say that this seems like a worthy re-launch!

Have you tried Sinner by Kat Von D? What perfumes have you been enjoying recently?
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