Wednesday 11 July 2018

Tarte 'Rainforest of the Sea Vol. III' palette review + swatches!

Hello, my loves! Today, I am very excited to talk to you about this gorgeous highlighting eyeshadow palette by Tarte, called 'Rainforest of the Sea Vol. III' (£30, Tarte). I stumbled across this one whilst browsing Tarte's vegan makeup section, and, as a huge fan of shimmery eyeshadows, I was immediately drawn to how pretty it looked. This was actually my first time any of Tarte's makeup, making this review a very special one! Today, I will be sharing with you my honest thoughts on this little palette. Hope you enjoy!

First of all, I must say that I am absolutely in love with the packaging, and how beautiful this palette looks when you first open it. The design is so pretty and colourful; but also sturdy, compact and therefore perfect for travel. This little palette contains eight neutral shades total - seven shimmery, and just one with a matte finish to use as a base. There is also a large mirror included with the palette, but no brush or any other application tool (which is fine by me, as I like to use my own brushes, anyway).

The consistency of these eyeshadows is quite interesting - powdery in the pan, but creamy when applied, so they glide on really easily and evenly. There is quite a lot of glittery fallout which can make the application quite messy, so I'd recommend using a slightly damp brush. Still, these shades are really beautiful, and I love the multi-dimensional, shimmery (almost metallic) finish they give.
Tarte claim that you can use these as highlighters for other parts of your face, and I can definitely see why - the lighter shades especially work really well on the cheekbones, giving you a fairly dramatic glow. My only real criticism is that when applied as eyeshadows, a lot of these shades end up looking quite similar. It could be because of how shimmery they are, but there just doesn't seem to be a lot of contrast - even the darkest shade looks fairly light when blended on the eyelids. Because of this, it can be a little difficult to create more elaborate looks - I think that these work better if you just wear one or two shades at a time (which can be nice if you want something simple and uncomplicated).

Rainforest of the Sea Vol. III offers a very warm, neutral range of shades, which include:
Escape. Light, slightly pink nude shade. One of the more pigmented shades in the palette; it works beautifully for highlighting cheekbones on paler skintones.
Tiki. The only matte shade in this palette. Works well as a base/transition eyeshadow.
Heat wave. Soft beige with very warm, pink undertones. Not quite as pigmented, it looks fairly similar to Escape when applied as eyeshadow.
Malibu. Soft, plum bronze shade. Probably my favourite in this palette, it's actually quite light when applied as eyeshadow and blends beautifully.
Rays. Light copper with peachy undertones. One of the more intense shades in the palette, it works really well when used as a highlighter.
Compass. Light champagne with warm undertones. Quite similar to other light shades in the palette, and not as pigmented when blended out.
Jewel. Bright, warm copper shade. It's another favourite in this palette, quite intense and versatile.
Treasure. Sparkling white shade with warm undertones. Very intense and metallic when applied, I like using it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

Overall, I am pleased with this palette - I think that it'd be a great choice if you are just starting out with makeup, and want something compact, versatile and easy to work with. Fans of matte formulations probably won't enjoy it as much (given as there is only one matte shade included!), but if you love a sparkling, shimmery finish, Rainforest of the Sea Vol. III will be right up your alley. My only real criticism is that there isn't a lot of contrast between the shades when applied (they definitely work best if you only want to mix two or three colours at a time). Also, I definitely recommend that you check out Tarte's vegan makeup range - there is a huge selection of awesome, cruelty-free products (not sponsored, although I wish!), and I'm super happy to see Tarte offer a dedicated vegan section!
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