Wednesday 20 January 2016

Dior Addict lip gloss in Princess and Iconic Red: review + swatches

Today, I'm going to review something that I've actually had for quite a while - the Dior Addict Mirror Shine Volume & Care lip gloss. I never considered myself to be a lip gloss person; that is, until I discovered the Dior Addict range. I find that a lot of lip glosses are too sticky and uncomfortable to wear, making simple activities quite challenging (eating, drinking, or even going out for a walk on a windy day when you have long hair...). Furthermore, and this has to be said - lip glosses simply aren't as fashionable and popular as they were ten years ago. We seem to gravitate more and more towards velvety mattes and smooth satins, leaving lip glosses as a slightly irrelevant 'trend of the past'. That being said, there are still some gorgeous lip glosses out there!

The Dior Addict line-up comes in over twenty beautiful shades, ranging from soft pinks to deep, classic reds. There are three different types of textures to choose from: Shimmer, with a hint of glitter; Pearly, with a soft, luminous finish; and Pure, which is a plain, block colour. For this review, I will be swatching 553 Princess and 856 Iconic Red, both of which give a shimmery, high-gloss finish.

Although these shades look very vibrant and intense in the packaging, they are actually sheer lip glosses, so you can't expect much in terms of pigmentation. These glosses only give a slight tint of colour when applied, and even the deepest reds will come out delicate and pink. This means that the shades will look different on everybody depending on your natural lip colour, and some of the paler shades may not show up so well. As you can see in the swatches, 856 Iconic Red looks a lot more delicate and soft on my lips than it does in the packaging. 553 Princess is a pale, soft pink with a little bit of shimmer; and probably my favourite shade in the whole range. Both of these are perfect for casual wear and makeup 'on the go'; whenever you want to add a little bit of colour and sparkle to your look.

The formula is easily my favourite thing about these lip glosses. The texture feels incredibly lightweight, hydrating and non-sticky - basically everything you could wish for in a lip gloss. It's comfortable and moisturising, and honestly feels more like a creamy lip balm, rather than a sticky gloss. This product is also fragrance-free, and very easy to glide on thanks to the quality brush applicator. The staying power is about three hours, which is pretty standard for most lip glosses. The lightweight formula doesn't last through eating or drinking, but it's really easy to top up whenever you need it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this range, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who already likes wearing lip glosses. However, if you're not typically a lip gloss person, and find them to be too sticky and difficult to wear, you may still enjoy this range. The Dior Addict glosses are unbelievably lightweight and comfortable (the texture resembles that of a lip balm), giving your lips a beautiful tint of colour and mirror-like shine. 

Where can I find it? The Dior Addict lip glosses are available across most major beauty retailers. The RRP price is roughly £22, but you can purchase them for £19 on discount websites such as (not sponsored!). 

Do you enjoy wearing lip glosses? What are your favourites? 


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