Friday 15 January 2016

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream Forever unboxing & first impressions!

Hey, beauties! Today, I will be reviewing one of the recent perfumes releases by Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream Forever. Some of you may be familiar with the original Daisy Dream, which was one of the most popular fragrance launches of 2014. To be honest, I was never too keen on the original myself - something about that scent felt a little uninspired and bland, plus the staying power left a lot to be desired. Naturally, I was both cautious and curious about the new, 'improved' Forever edition. This perfume is advertised as a more intense, enhanced version of the original Daisy Dream, inspired by 'blue skies and youthful daydreaming'. When my boyfriend got it for me as a surprise gift, I thought it would be a great opportunity for another, long-overdue 'unboxing and first impressions' post!

The packaging is really fun, cute and girly, as is typical for Marc Jacobs fragrances. The bottle design is identical to the original Daisy Dream, but darker in colour and without the gold accents. I really like the little daisy motifs, which create a floral lace over the blue bottle and the silver cap. I was convinced that the bottle was only going to look good in the advert, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's truly gorgeous in person as well. It looks expensive, high-quality, and is surprisingly heavy to hold. Judging by the packaging alone, I would expect this to be a very fresh, floral and youthful scent, following the usual trend of Marc Jacobs fragrances.

The scent itself is delightfully pleasant and refreshing. Right from the beginning I could detect lots of blackberry and lychee, which smell very sweet and fruity - a little like a glass of freshly poured berry juice. You can instantly tell that this is a Marc Jacobs perfume - it's very girly and sweet, but it still has that specific, 'fresh' quality to it. The official description mentions notes of wisteria (a spicy-smelling, blue flower), coconut water and jasmine; but personally, I could not detect any of them. This fragrance is a straight-up 'fruit salad' to me, with a hint of refreshing citrus and white flowers. It's very simple and pleasant - which is exactly what I expected. Daisy Dream Forever is quite similar to the more well-known Marc Jacobs perfumes, such as Lola, Honey, Dot, and the original Daisy. It opens fruity and sparkling, and after a little while, it becomes very soft and sweet. I think it would be most suitable for casual wear during spring and summer months, because of how light and refreshing it is. 

Whilst I really like this fragrance, I'm not sure whether the quality really justifies the hefty price tag. I think that a lot of the Marc Jacobs perfumes come across as a little 'watered-down', and don't last too long after spraying. Daisy Dream Forever, unfortunately, is no exception - the scent is quite intense, but only for the first thirty minutes. After that, it becomes very delicate and 'quiet', and then it disappears completely. This is a little disappointing, especially considering that this fragrance is supposed to be an 'Eau De Parfum' (meaning that it contains more pure perfume oil, which should make it more intense). It's still a lot stronger than the original Daisy Dream, which to me, smelled more like a fancy deodorant rather than an expensive fragrance. 

+ Gorgeous, adorable bottle design
+ Fruity, sweet and fresh scent
+ Perfect for casual wear
+ Great gift idea

- Expensive
- Doesn't last long enough (about two hours on skin) 

Overall, I think that Daisy Dream Forever definitely is an 'improved' version of the original Daisy Dream, and I'd give it 7/10. It's much more rich and intense than its predecessor, although the lasting power still leaves a lot to be desired. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a light, sweet fragrance for casual wear. The cute bottle design definitely makes it a wonderful gift idea! 

Where can I find it? You can find Daisy Dream Forever on the shelves of most major perfume retailers. The price is about £58 for 50ml (this perfume comes in a 50ml size only).

Have you tried the Daisy Dream Forever fragrance by Marc Jacobs? 
Are there any other perfumes that you'd like to me review? Please let me know if you have any suggestions! 


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