Friday 26 February 2016

My Victoria's Secret collection + recommendations!

Victoria's Secret is one of my all-time favourite brands; and whilst I do adore their clothing lines, I'm really all about their beauty products. When a brand new Victoria's Secret store opened near my town last month, I was over the moon! Their beauty department is absolutely wonderful and you'll definitely be seeing some makeup reviews soon. Today, I'd like to focus a little more on their fragrance selection. Victoria's Secret are well-known for their perfumes - they are always so girly and sweet, and come in the most adorable bottles. Although my collection isn't very big, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourites. Hope you enjoy!

Body mists are the lightest way to wear your fragrance. If you find typical perfumes to be a little too overwhelming, fragrance mists could be a great (and much more affordable!) option for you. Victoria's Secret offers a lovely range of body mists, with over eighty (!) different scents to choose from. A few of my favourites are:
Coconut Passion. This is one of the most delicious fragrances I've ever tried - it smells just like coconut milk, with a hint of vanilla custard. It's very sweet and a little tropical, perfect especially for summer months.
Vanilla Lace. This smells just like delicious vanilla ice cream! I like to layer it with Coconut Passion for an extra mouthwatering combo. 
Mango Temptation. This will be a treat for anyone who enjoys fruity, exotic scents! Mango Temptation is very tropical and fruity, with a hint of refreshing chamomile and aloe vera.

I actually only have two full sized Victoria's Secret perfumes. Whilst I adore their fragrances, I do think that they are a little too expensive - their prices rival some of the most luxurious brands, such as Dior and Chanel. I picked up both of these perfumes at TK Maxx for less than half of their retail price, so I definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested. 
Bombshell. This has to be my all-time favourite Victoria's Secret perfume! With the name like Bombshell, you'd expect this fragrance to be sexy and bold, when in fact, this is a very girly and refreshing scent. Bombshell combines notes of mango, passionfruit and fresh peony flowers. 
Victoria. This is one of the sweetest perfumes I've ever smelled; and definitely the sweetest one in my Victoria's Secret collection. Victoria combines sugary notes of caramel and creme brulee, with a hint of refreshing berries. 

I think that perfumes miniatures are a great way of introducing yourself to a new brand, without having to spend a fortune on full-sized bottles. Victoria's Secret carries a lovely selection of perfume travel sets, which include some of their best-selling fragrances. My favourites are:
Fabulous. This smells just like fresh apricots and whipped cream, without being overly sweet. It's very girly and refreshing; perfect especially for warmer months. 
Heavenly. What I love about this is that it's so different from the usual, sweet Victoria's Secret fragrances. Heavenly is powdery and soft; combining delicate notes of vanilla, sandalwood and white peony roses. Smelling this makes me think of being wrapped up in a fresh, fluffy duvet!
Tease. If you're familiar with the popular Viva La Juicy fragrance by Juicy Couture - Tease smells almost identical to that. It's sugary sweet, with lots of caramel and a hint of fresh fruits. 
Scandalous. This smells just like chocolate-covered raspberries! Scandalous is girly, fun, and very quintessentially 'Victoria's Secret'.
Very Sexy. This is much more mature and elegant than the typical Victoria's Secret fragrances. Very Sexy combines floral notes of vanilla orchid, with a hint of something a little spicy. This might be a good option if you don't like the usual, sweet perfumes!

Have you tried any of the Victoria's Secret perfumes? Which one is your favourite?


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