Sunday 21 February 2016

TheBalm Voyage Vol. 2 face palette - review + swatches!

Hey, muffins! It feels really good to be back after my blogging break - I missed you all very much! I'll be sure to catch up on all your lovely blogs over the next few days. :) Today, I'm bringing you a review of one of my most recent makeup purchases - this gorgeous Voyage Vol. 2 face palette by TheBalm (£16.99, TKMaxx). I'm a huge fan of TheBalm palettes (you can read some of my reviews here!), and I just had to get my hands on this one as soon as I spotted it on a TKMaxx sale. Hope you enjoy!

The packaging is probably my favourite thing about this palette - it has a retro, vintage feel, as is typical for TheBalm products. The front cover is a collage of beautiful postcards from around the world - from Japan to Chicago; each one is incredibly detailed and colourful. The palette includes a large mirror, nine eyeshadows, two blushes, two lipsticks, a highlighter and a bronzer (but no applicators). The shades are named after the word 'Welcome', each one in a different language. The lack of brushes isn't a big deal, but it might be a little annoying for some - especially if you're just getting started with makeup and want an all-in-one palette.

This set contains nine eyeshadows; ranging from warm satins and shimmers to neutral mattes. I’ll be completely honest – I was a little underwhelmed by this shade selection. There doesn’t seem to be much of a theme to it, plus the quality falls a little short to what I’ve come to expect of TheBalm. The eyeshadows offer great pigmentation and are easy to work with, but they do feel a little dry and chalky. Personally, I prefer creamier formulas, such as in TheBalm’s Nude Dude palette, which is my all-time favourite (check out my full review here). These eyeshadows are a little too powdery for my liking, although they still come out nicely when applied and offer great lasting power.

The shades themselves are quite versatile, although not as interesting and thought-out as I'd expected. Welkom is easily my favourite shade here - it's a dark, forest green with a lovely, satin finish. Valkommen and Failte are the two darkest eyeshadows in this selection, which work beautifully when applied wet as an eyeliner. The lighter shades aren't as exciting, but can be used for everyday makeup. I like to combine Benvenuto and Wilkommen for a casual smokey eye, although I haven't had much use for the other shades yet.

The two blushers are my favourite part of this palette. Huan Ying is a delicate, peachy shade which is very girly and perfect for the summer. Dobrodosli is a little darker and more intense; similar to TheBalm's Cabana Boy blusher. The Kuwakaribisha highlighter is shimmery, pale beige, which reminds me of the popular LouManizer. It's quite subtle when applied, but it still gives the skin that desired 'glowing' effect. The Croeso bronzer is very similar to Bahama Mama - it's great for contouring, although the shade might be a little too dark for paler complexions.

The two solid lipsticks come in bright, summery shades - Bem-Vindo is a dark pink, whereas Vitajte is more of a warm coral. Both are very well pigmented; light and creamy in texture. These are great for wearing on your cheeks, as well as the lips! 

Overall, I think that Voyage Vol. 2 is a gorgeous face palette; perfect for travel when you don't want to carry around too many makeup items. It contains everything you'll need to create both casual and more glamorous looks. Whilst the eyeshadow selection is a little underwhelming; the face powders are fantastic and very similar to some of the most cult TheBalm products (such as Bahama Mama and LouManizer). This is a great way of introducing yourself to the brand, without having to spend a fortune on all the different makeup items. Voyage Vol. 2 retails at £27.90, but you may be able to find it at your local TKMaxx for just £16.99, which is a great bargain and I wholeheartedly recommend it! 

What is your favourite travel palette? 


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