Sunday 1 May 2016

My guide to celebrity perfumes - collection + recommendations! (Part 2)

Hey, lovelies! It's time for part two of my celebrity perfume collection (you can check out part one here!). In the first part, I talked a little bit about the importance of not judging perfumes by their label, and showed you a few of my favourites by Britney Spears, Beyonce and Katy Perry. Today, I will be sharing the rest of my collection, which features more unusual celebrity scents. If you don't like the typical, sugary-sweet celebrity perfumes, these recommendations will be perfect for you. Hope you enjoy!

In the world of celebrity perfumes, Taylor Swift really offers the best, especially in terms of quality. Her scents are not overly sweet or artificial-smelling, whilst still very pleasant and easy to wear. The original Wonderstruck (blue bottle) is one of my all-time favourites - it's feminine, fruity and sweet; with an unusual hint of green tea, which keeps it smelling youthful and fresh. It basically smells like delicious fruity tea, sweetened with vanilla! I like it, but I love the Enchanted edition (red bottle) even more - this one smells like vanilla and red berries, but there's also something a little spicy about it. It's more elegant and grown-up than the original Wonderstruck, but both are gorgeous and definitely worth buying.

Made of Starlight (transparent bottle) is very different from anything in the Wonderstruck range. I bought it mostly because of the dreamy name and the gorgeous bottle, although the scent itself is actually very fresh and perfect for casual wear. If you like the smell of peaches and apricots, you will absolutely love this! Made of Starlight is happy, fruity, fizzy, with an unusual 'sparkling' quality to it. 

Wonderstruck - £14 for 100ml at
Wonderstruck Enchanted - £12 for 30ml at Perfume Click
Made of Starlight - £22 for 100ml at Perfume Click (musical edition which comes with a cute music box!)

Jessica Simpson fragrances are well-renowned for their quality, which is a huge plus considering that they're also amongst the cheapest scents currently on the market. The original Fancy (rose golden bottle) is honestly one of the most delicious fragrances I've ever smelled. It's incredibly warm, sweet and comforting - it basically smells like juicy apricot slices coated in caramel and vanilla! Fancy Love (white bottle) is much less sweet, with hints of white flowers and an unusual champagne note. This one reminds me of a luxurious, milky bubble bath, and I get so many compliments whenever I wear it. Both scents are absolutely gorgeous and last a very long time - I can smell them on my clothes for days!

Fancy Nights (dark emerald bottle) is probably the most unusual celebrity scent I've ever tried - it smells nothing like the original Fancy or Fancy Love. This one is dark, rich and smoky - it reminds me of dry leaves and earth on a cold autumn night. Personally, I prefer sweeter and more feminine scents; although I do appreciate how unique this one is. If you enjoy dark, sophisticated perfumes such as Angel by Thierry Mugler, you should definitely give Fancy Nights a try! 

Fancy - £14 for 50ml at FragranceX
Fancy Love - £14 for 50ml at FragranceX
Fancy Nights - £9 for 50ml at

The main reason why I love Rihanna's perfumes is because each one is so different, and there really is something to suit every taste. My favourite from her collection is RiRi (pink bottle). I wasn't too impressed with it at first, but I've grown to really like it and now I wear it all the time. This one smells fruity and exotic, with a hint of something 'boozy' that makes me think of rum (you can check out my full review here). It's sweet, tropical and perfect for casual wear. Reb'l Fleur (black and nude bottle) used to be my favourite, but I wore it too often and grew tired of it eventually... It's still a beautiful scent, though, and I'd recommend it especially for the summer. It smells very dark and exotic, with hints of delicious vanilla, peach and coconut. 

Rogue (in the centre) is a bit of an 'odd one out' in my collection. I received it as a gift, but honestly I don't really like it. It has a very strange, leathery quality to it, which is a little sickening and off-putting. It kind of smells like plum juice that's gone bad, although it could just be my nose - I know a lot of people who enjoy wearing it! If you don't like the usual, sweet celebrity scents and want to try something completely different, you may want to check out Rogue

RiRi - £15 for 30ml at Perfume Click
Reb'l Fleur - £12 for 30 ml at
Rogue - £8 for 30ml at SportsDirect

Harajuku Lovers (Gwen Stefani) - G (small, doll-shaped bottle on the left). This is, hands down, the most delicious coconut fragrance I've ever smelled! It's sweet, girly, and has that lovely beachy/tropical feel to it. 
*Difficult to find, eBay and TKMaxx are your best bets

Harajuku Lovers (Gwen Stefani) - Pop Electric Love (pink and white bottle at the back). This is probably the least exciting celebrity fragrance in my collection. I like it, but there isn't much to it and it doesn't last very long. It smells like sweet apples and pears, with a hint of white flowers. 
*£15 for 30ml at Life & Looks

Hilary Duff - With Love (transparent bottle in the middle). Honestly, this perfume deserves its own dedicated review - it's really spicy and exotic; with notes of mango, amber and ginger. There is barely any sweetness to it at all, and the quality tops many high-end designer brands. 
*Difficult to find in department stores, but quite common on eBay

Shakira - Elixir (amber bottle at the back). This is one of those scents that doesn't seem like a celebrity perfume at all. Elixir is sultry and dark; with notes of balsamic amber, dry sandalwood and spicy pepper. This one will make you feel like an Arabian princess!
*£17 for 80ml at BeautySpin

Nicki Minaj - The Pinkprint (doll head bottle on the right). Whilst I don't normally like to judge perfumes by their bottles, I have to say - this faceless doll head bottle seriously creeps me out! It's a shame that the design is so bad, because the scent hidden inside it is quite lovely. The Pinkprint is fruity and sweet, and it smells a little like hairspray - it's weird, but I like it! It's a good choice for summer months - if you can get over the awful bottle design... 
*£30 for 50ml at The Perfume Shop, although I managed to pick it up for £10 at Boots


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