Tuesday 10 May 2016

Recent skincare discoveries - hits and misses!

Hey, beauties! Today, I thought I'd so something a little different, and talk about my recent skincare discoveries. It's quite rare for me to feature skincare reviews on my blog, mainly because I don't consider myself that knowledgeable in the subject. I love learning about skincare from my favourite beauty gurus like Anne (Linda, Libra, Loca) and Samantha (My Beauty Cloud), but when it comes to my own skincare choices, I kind of just go with whatever sounds good! This is why instead of writing individual reviews, I thought I would share with you some general thoughts on my recent skincare acquisitions. Hope you enjoy!

Bielenda - Cucumber & Lime mattifyng toner (£2.20)

I was a little skeptical of this toner at first because of the ridiculously low price (I don't think I've ever seen a £2 toner before that was any good!), but it ended up being a hugely positive surprise. This mattifying toner is completely alcohol-free, and it does a great job at cleansing the skin without causing any irritations. It leaves the skin feeling very refreshed, and helps to control the shine throughout the day. There is a slight scent to it, but it's very delicate and fresh; not artificial like a lot of similar skincare products. For £2, this has to be one of the best bargains I've ever come across!

Green Pharmacy - Micellar Solution 3 in 1 Chamomile (£5.50)

Whilst I'm loyal to my favourite micellar water by Garnier, I felt like trying something different and decided to pick this up. This chamomile-enriched micellar water is amazing for anyone with sensitive skin. It feels gentle, soothing and very hydrating. This is great for removing everyday makeup, although heavier makeup like dark eyeshadow or waterproof eyeliner might be a bit of a challenge. I really love how this feels on the skin, but I probably won't be re-purchasing it because it's not as effective as I'd like. Having said that, if you have sensitive skin that's easily irritated, and don't wear a lot of makeup, you might want to check this out!

Ziaja - Manuka Leaves night cream with 3% mandelic acid (£4) 
This is, hands down, my favourite night cream ever! Ever since I've started using it, my skin condition has improved so much - the pores are less visible, the redness has cleared up and I rarely get any breakouts anymore. This cream is actually very lightweight for a night moisturiser, and takes almost no time to absorb into the skin. The formula is enriched with mandelic acid, which is often used in exfoliators to reduce the appearance of pores. I probably wouldn't recommend this if you have really dry or sensitive skin, as it is quite 'potent'. However, if your skin is combination to oily and you want something that will help you get rid of breakouts, this little night cream could be perfect for you!

Simple - Regeneration Age Resisting night cream (£5.25)
This was a bit of a spontaneous purchase, and I slightly regret it. This night cream is very gentle and soothing, but it takes ages to absorb into the skin and leaves it feeling quite oily. I think it might be better suited to dry skin, because it really didn't do much for me. The formula is enriched with green tea and mushroom extracts, which are supposed to help fight premature ageing. I have no doubt that this is a decent moisturiser, but unfortunately, it's just not right for my skin type.

Arbonne - Purifying cleanser + toner (£20) and Oil-absorbing day lotion (£29)
Both of these samples were forwarded to me by a lovely Arbonne representative, Maimie (you can check out her page here!). I always enjoy discovering new brands, although I'll be honest - I wasn't hugely impressed with these. The FC5 range is targeted at oily skin, which should have been perfect for me. However, after completing this mini-skincare trial, I've noticed no difference to how my skin looked or felt. The cleanser + toner is heavily scented (it kind of smells like herbal bubble gum), but I personally didn't mind that. Unfortunately, it's not that effective at actually cleansing the skin. It does feel very soothing and hydrating when applied, but it doesn't remove anywhere close to all of my makeup. I think this could be a decent product for freshening up your face in the morning, but I wouldn't use it for taking your makeup off in the evening.

As for the the oil-absorbing day lotion, it's pleasant to use but it doesn't feel particularly hydrating, nor does it help to control the shine. Having said that, it is probably one of the fastest-absorbing moisturizers I've ever tried. Five seconds after I put this on, I thought 'Did I even apply any cream?'. I enjoyed trying it, but I couldn't justify paying a full price for it - same goes for the cleanser + toner.

Ziaja - Olive Leaf face mask with zinc (£1 per sachet) 
I've seen a few Polish beauty gurus rave about this face mask, so I decided to pick up a few sachets - for £1 each, you really can't go wrong! This face mask dries up really quickly, making it a little difficult to remove it after application. However, it does leave the skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, soft and smooth. The formula is thick and quite drying, which isn't an issue for my oily skin, although I would recommend applying a good moisturiser afterwards. 

What skincare products have you been loving lately? 



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