Saturday 8 October 2016

Victoria's Secret beauty mini haul + why I will never buy VS makeup again!

Hey, beauties! First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the love and support on my last post, where I talked about my eating disorder and going vegan. It wasn't easy opening up about something so personal, but I'm glad I've decided to share my story. Reading your lovely comments has helped so much, and I'm very grateful for all the kind words! Today, we're going to talk a little bit about one of my favourite brands ever - Victoria's Secret. If you've been visiting Shoes and Glitter for a while, you've probably noticed my obsession with their gorgeous, comfortable clothes, perfumes and accessories. Recently, I went on a little shopping spree and picked up a few things from their beauty department, so I thought that it'd be fun to do a little 'shop and tell'. Hope you enjoy!

I can already say that this is, by far, my favourite purchase of this entire haul! Victoria's Secret offer some truly gorgeous makeup bags and cases, and this one caught my attention right away. It's girly, cute and quite elegant; with classic Victoria's Secret stripes and lovely floral prints. It's probably a little too big to fit in your everyday purse (although it's perfect to take with you when travelling), but you can get a smaller version for about £15.

This has always been one of my all-time favourite perfumes, and I'm so happy that I finally have a full bottle of it! People tend to associate Victoria's Secret with fragrances that are very girly, fruity and sweet. Heavenly, however, is completely different - it's not at all sugary, but more powdery, soft and clean. Smelling this perfume makes me think of being wrapped up in a big, fluffy duvet on a bed of white roses! It still has that girly charm to it, but it's a lot more grown-up and refined, with a hint of fresh vanilla sweetness. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're not into the usual, mainstream fragrances - Heavenly is very different and absolutely beautiful!

BOMBSHELL MINI PERFUME SET (£35 for 3 x 15 ml) 
Bombshell is my absolute favourite Victoria's Secret perfume, so when my boyfriend picked out this mini gift set for me, I was over the moon! This set includes the original Bombshell fragrance, as well as two limited editions - Bombshell Summer and Bombshells in Bloom. Honestly, they all smell pretty much the same, and I don't think it'd be worth investing in full size bottles. I do like the slightly tropical, exotic twist in the Summer edition, whereas In Bloom is a little more floral and less sweet. The original Bombshell still remains my favourite, though!

Unfortunately, these lip glosses turned out to be a massive disappointment. They look so vibrant and beautiful in the packaging, but they're actually almost completely clear with zero pigmentation. I don't even know why I bothered picking up different shades, because they all look exactly the same when applied! They have an awful, sticky texture; feel very uncomfortable on the lips and smell like sickeningly sweet bubblegum. It literally feels like applying glue to your lips - colourless glue, nonetheless! With 'shades' like Candy Baby, Love Berry, Strawberry Fizz (erm, I wish!) and Mocktail Hour, I was expecting so much more. Thankfully, I got these on the 'buy two get two free' offer, so I didn't waste as much money. I'd honestly recommend staying away from these!

Victoria's Secret will always be my favourite store ever, but I wish they'd just stick to doing what they do best - comfortable clothes, beautiful fragrances and accessories. I guess we don't really think of Victoria's Secret as a makeup brand, and for a good reason - their makeup products are ridiculously overpriced, and of poor quality. These days, they seem to sell mostly lipsticks and lip glosses, but they used to do some eyeshadow and contouring kits that are now discontinued (I wonder why that didn't work out...). You can still find them online, but if you look at the reviews - the opinions seem to be largely negative. And whilst I'm still a huge fan of their fragrances, it's pretty apparent just how overpriced they are - for £50 (standard Victoria's Secret perfume price), you could easily get yourself a bottle of Chanel or Dior. I guess it's down to us to decide whether they're worth the money, or not. I definitely enjoyed my little haul - it felt like a nice treat, and I probably won't be doing another one for a while. As for Victoria's Secret - it is a lovely, feminine brand with lots of offer, but I'd definitely recommend spending your money somewhere else if you want some decent makeup!

What are your favourites from Victoria's Secret? Have you ever tried their makeup range? 


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