Friday 31 March 2017

A New Modern Classic? Guerlain 'Mon Guerlain' Perfume Review + First Impressions!

Hello there, my beauties! It's been a long while since my last 'Unboxing and First Impressions' post, mostly because so far this year, I haven't actually bought a single perfume! I am quite happy with my collection as it is now, and I promised myself to only purchase a new fragrance if I really love it. Mon Guerlain is the most recent launch by one of my all-time favourite, classic designers - Guerlain. I have talked about their perfumes quite a lot in my  prettiest bottles post and  various fragrance recommendations. I was really excited for this new launch, and my wonderful boyfriend was kind enough to buy it for me as a surprise gift! Today, I will be sharing with you my honest thoughts on this fragrance. Hope you enjoy! 

The bottle design is fairly simple, and not what I'd typically expect from Guerlain. I love the feminine, subtle pink colour of the liquid inside; although I feel like there is something missing from the overall design. Perhaps an engraving, a ribbon, or a tassel around the cap? Guerlain have created some of the most sophisticated perfume bottles ever (you can check out a few of my favourites here), and this one just seems to pale in comparison. Having said that, it is still an elegant and sturdy bottle, definitely reflecting the brand's reputation for luxury and class.

The fragrance itself is a harmonious composition of gentle floral notes, with delicate nuances of sandalwood and vanilla. The scent opens with lavender and a hint of refreshing bergamot, which fades away after the initial few minutes. Lavender is probably the most dominant note in Mon Guerlain - it smells clean, fresh, soothing and almost powdery; more like lavender-scented tissues rather than an actual flower. I have never really been a fan of lavender, but I think that it smells beautiful here, and it blends in so seamlessly with the rest of the composition.

Whilst very clean and refreshing at first, Mon Guerlain becomes slightly sweeter and darker after a couple of hours. The scent of toasted almonds flows through the heart of the composition, with gentle nuances of tonka bean adding a hint of spiciness to the overall fragrance. Tonka bean is actually amongst my all-time favourite perfume notes, and I always seem to be drawn to scents that contain it. It smells warm, comforting and spicy; balancing out the dominant, clean floral scent of lavender in Mon Guerlain.

The creator of this perfume, Thierry Wasser, said that this fragrance was inspired by 'the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity.' To be honest, I am not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean, although I'd definitely agree that Mon Guerlain is both very feminine and modern. This is a simple, effortless beauty; and I think that it can appeal to a wide audience. Guerlain are known for their vintage classics; heavy, powdery fragrances that may not be seen as very 'wearable' by a lot of people. Mon Guerlain is definitely a more mainstream fragrance, although it still captures the essence of Guerlain, their elegance and luxury.

Personally, I am completely in love with this perfume and I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for a beautiful, classic floral fragrance that's also very 'safe' and versatile. Sometimes, I feel like perfumes are becoming a dying art. There is a lot of generic stuff on the fragrance market, and with recent legal restrictions, many manufacturers have been forced to start using synthetic ingredients as opposed to natural essences in perfumes. I feel that people in general are becoming less and less interested in fragrances, myself included - so many of the recent perfume launches have been just so generic and underwhelming. However, Mon Guerlain gives me hope. I kind of see it as Guerlain's response to well-established modern classics like Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, and I think that it definitely deserves everyone's attention! An honest, enthusiastic 9/10 from me!

Where can I find it? Mon Guerlain is a very recent release, so you should be able to find it at most perfume retailers. Escentual and BeautyFresh seem to offer the best price at £40 for 30ml.

Have you tried Mon Guerlain? Do you also think that perfumes are slowly becoming a dying art? 

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  1. I've not had this fragrance but I do love lavender and have had a perfume with tonka bean and loved it. I tend to buy and use my favourites and classice scents with certain herbs and spices or floral notes like jasmine and cardamom, etc. Thanks for sharing! /Madison


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