Sunday 12 March 2017

Spring Perfume Recommendations 2017!

Hello there, my lovelies! Spring is just around the corner, and I honestly couldn't be happier! British winters aren't very exciting - the days are cold and gloomy, and we don't ever get any real snow (just a lot of rain). Spring is probably my favourite season - I think that there are just so many things to love about it! Longer days, more sunshine, blossoming flowers and fluffy ducklings...  Aside from finally ditching the heavy winter boots, one of the main things I look forward to the most is changing up my perfume wardrobe. Whilst winter is perfect for fragrances that are quite intense, bold and sweet; spring is all about floral, light and refreshing scents. Today, I'd like to share with you a few of my top picks for springs. Hope you enjoy!


Chloe - Chloe Eau De Parfum (£35 for 30ml)
Chloe Eau De Parfum is a gorgeous, clean floral perfume captured in an equally beautiful and elegant bottle. This fragrance is an effortless beauty, combining delicate notes of red roses, peonies, lilies and magnolias, on the bed of soft cedar wood. I love this scent because it is so different from the usual, mainstream rose-based perfumes - rather than creamy and sweet, it is very clean and 'cold'; a little like a crisp spring morning. It captures something romantic and slightly old-fashioned, but interpreted in a modern way that makes it very versatile and wearable. I'd recommend Chloe Eau De Parfum to anyone looking for an elegant, clean rose fragrance which will be perfect for casual wear during warmer months.

Elie Saab - La Parfum (£32 for 30ml)
All of the Elie Saab fragrances carry elegance and luxury in such an effortless way, that you could comfortably wear them with a simple t-shirt and jeans, and still smell like a queen! I really enjoy it when a perfume is so distinctively multi-layered, and each stage brings something new to the overall composition. La Parfum offers the soothing sweetness of honey, the elegant softness of jasmine, and the earthy spiciness of patchouli. Strengthened by cedar wood in the base, and dressed up with soft petals of the orange flower (which smells both floral and citrusy), this perfume is a multi-faceted beauty. It's rich, elegant, charming and spring-like, but still very approachable and easy to wear and enjoy.

Guerlain - Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea (£35 for 75ml)
This is one of the most natural-smelling fragrances that I have ever had the pleasure to try! It smells like sweet honey drops on soft jasmine petals, with a hint of sunshine. It's a little similar to Elie Saab's La Parfum, although I'd say that it feels more 'raw' and less sweet, with a dominant scent of freshly picked flowers. Every note here is very well crafted and blended to perfection, with great care and attention to detail. Having said that, it still feels approachable and effortless. It's not obnoxious, it's not trying to make a bold statement. It's just a beautiful perfume, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend it if you're looking for something delicate and natural for warmer months.


Escada - Especially (£26 for 30ml)
Although I already featured this perfume in last year's spring fragrance recommendations, I simply had to include it again. Especially is a simple, beautiful floral scent based around the concept of dewy red roses. It's very fresh and crisp, a little like a cool spring morning with soft, fragrant roses blossoming in the first sunshine. I find that a lot of rose-based perfumes can be a little dusty and 'old' smelling, but not this one. Especially is youthful and sparkling, with a hint of watery pears which make the overall composition more fruity and refreshing. There is also some delicate sweetness coming through it, but it's not a sugary, synthetic kind of sweetness - it smells very gentle and natural. A budget-friendly must-have for casual spring wear!

Lanvin - Rumeur 2 Rose (£16 for 30ml)
This is a wonderful, budget-friendly option if you're looking for a simple and wearable rose-based perfume. Rumeur 2 Rose really gives you that 'fresh out of the shower' feeling; it's feminine and delicate, perfect for casual wear when you want to smell pretty without having to reach for anything too overwhelming. The composition brings together soft notes of rose with refreshing lemons and oranges, as well as subtle floral hints of magnolia and honey, which give the overall fragrance more depth and warmth. This is a more zesty and vibrant kind of rose, which I think would be a perfect choice for the upcoming warmer months.


Gucci - Flora Eau Fraiche (£27 for 30ml)
This perfume is the essence of spring captured in a bottle! It's incredibly delicate and fresh, like a cool morning breeze; with lush, sweet-smelling citrus notes of mandarin and kumquat. Flora Eau Fraiche smells quite fruity at first, but after a while, the top notes blend in with the fresh, grassy undertones, which flow through the heart of the composition. This fragrance is incredibly zesty and uplifting, yet still distinctively feminine. Smelling it is like enjoying a glass of freshly poured iced green tea on a warm spring evening, in a garden of blossoming peonies. It was also one of the very first perfumes that I have ever tried, and to this day, it remains as one of my all-time favourites. A must have for spring and summer months!

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh (£43 for 75ml)
Daisy Eau So Fresh is a charming, girly fruity-floral composition. It upholds the Marc Jacobs family signature of bright and girly perfumes, but it still maintains its own distinctive personality, which makes it very recognisable. The scent offers a colourful palette of fruity accords, which include raspberries and pears, bathed in sugary plums with a hint of white flowers. It's a light and fruity scent; a little airy, a little watery, and incredibly easy to wear and enjoy. It's not complicated, but likeable, approachable, sweet and charming. Perfect for casual wear during spring months, if you're looking for something pretty and uncomplicated!

What are your favourite perfumes to wear during spring? Do you change up your fragrances depending on the weather? 

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