Thursday 8 November 2018

Nina Ricci 'Bella' first impressions review

Hello, my jelly beans! Today, I am very excited to share with you a review of the brand new fragrance by Nina Ricci - Bella (£38 for a 30ml bottle, Boots). It's been a while since my last perfume review, as to be honest - I haven't been buying as many new fragrances lately. I am quite happy with my collection as it is now, so whenever I buy a new perfume, it's only because I really want it. I've always been a huge fan of Nina Ricci fragrances, and when I saw this gorgeous bottle, I simply could not resist! Today, I will be sharing with you my honest thoughts on this scent. Does it smell as beautiful and enchanting as it looks? Let's find out together! 

Nina Ricci 'Bella'

Bella is advertised as a fresh, fruity-floral perfume that's 'tangy, vibrant, bold and seductive' all at the same time. It's a continuation of Nina Ricci's main, iconic line of apple-shaped fragrances, the first one of which was the beautiful Nina (one of my all-time favourites) in 2006. Bella is more of a lively, fresh take on the original scent; captured in a gorgeous, green apple-shaped bottle with a golden cap. This perfume is available as 30ml, 50ml and 80ml eau de toilette. The main notes of the fragrance include rhubarb, green citrus, rose jelly and vanilla.

What does it really smell like?

Bella is a juicy, lively floral with a twist. It opens with a vibrant burst of rhubarb and zesty green notes, which make me think of fresh citrus peel. Rhubarb is such an interesting accord, and not something that you see (or smell!) very often, especially in mainstream perfumes. It's raw, crisp and tart, and really brightens up the whole composition, giving it a sparkling, youthful vibe. These strong, zesty opening notes are then wrapped in warm, floral rose notes (I'm not sure what 'rose jelly' is supposed to be, but I can definitely smell some fresh roses), with soft musk and sweet vanilla lingering in the background. Although very fresh, there is definitely something warm, green and almost herbal about this composition. It smells pretty, charming and uncomplicated, whilst still very memorable and interesting.

Projection and longevity

In terms of projection and lasting power, Bella offers the same quality as most other Nina Ricci perfumes. The scent is quite strong at first, but it quickly mellows out leaving you with a zesty, warm, green fragrance lingering on your skin for many hours. The scent disappears after about six to seven hours of wear, and you only need a couple of sprays for full projection. 

The verdict

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy Bella and would recommend it to anyone who likes perfumes that are fresh, zesty, juicy (but not overly sweet); easy to wear but still memorable. I do think that it might be more suitable to wear during warmer months because of how fresh and vibrant it smells - in fact, I think that Bella would make the perfect spring-time scent. The price is a little high (£38 for a 30ml bottle), but you you can find it much cheaper online - I bought mine for just £25. The green bottle matches the fragrance very well, and it would be lovely as a fragrant Christmas gift. An honest 9/10 for me! 
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