Wednesday 30 March 2016

Best perfumes for spring!

Spring is finally here, and I honestly couldn't be happier! British winters aren't too exciting, and there is something about spring that always makes me feel more optimistic. Sunshine, longer days, blossoming flowers and fluffy ducklings - there are just so many things to love about this season! Aside from ditching the winter boots, one of the main things I always look forward to is changing up my perfume wardrobe. Whilst winter is perfect for perfumes that are quite heavy, bold and sweet; spring is all about floral, light and refreshing scents. Today, I'd like to share with you a few of my favourites. Hope you enjoy!

Yves Saint Laurent - Baby Doll (£19 for 30ml,
This perfume is a little dose of happiness in a bottle - it's bright, girly and sparkling. The scent combines juicy notes of pineapple and grapefruit, with a hint of something that makes me think of rose-flavoured candy. It basically smells like a pink, fizzy cocktail - the kind of perfume that if you could drink it, it would taste absolutely delicious. There is even a rumor going round that a popular Vegas casino would spray this scent through the air vents, to give the impression that young, fun women were everywhere (the idea being that men would stick around for longer and spend more money)! What makes Baby Doll stand out from other fruity fragrances is that it doesn't smell cheap or sickeningly sweet, despite being very affordable. The staying power is great, although the scent itself is quite light, making it perfect for casual wear.

Try this if you like: Girly, youthful scents that aren't overpowering or overly sweet, such as Miracle by Lancome and Bright Crystal by Versace.

Chloe - See by Chloe (£25 for 30ml,
See by Chloe is a feminine, clean and simple fragrance. It has a very urban, modern feel to it; but there is also something vintage and romantic about it (perhaps it's the gorgeous, bird cage shaped bottle). The scent combines delicate notes of bright apple blossom, dry sandalwood and vanilla; making it smell fresh and light, like a warm summer breeze. What makes this perfume stand out is the unusual musky quality, which unveils itself after a few hours of wear. It kind of smells as if you have just stepped into an old basement, but I'm not saying this as a negative. This romantic, dusty, vintage feel is quite charming, elegant and very 'Chloe'. Personally, I love how unusual it smells, although admittedly I'd recommend trying this before buying, as it's probably not for everyone.

Try this if you like: Fresh, floral fragrances with a hint of something unusual, such as Dolce Vita by Dior, or Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent.

Nina Ricci - Nina (£17 for 30ml,
This is one of those perfumes that I know I will be re-purchasing for the rest of my life, and never grow tired of it. Nina is a modern classic by Nina Ricci - there are countless different versions and limited editions available, but the original is simply the best. The fragrance is fresh and sweet - it smells like candied apples with a hint of zesty lemon and lime. The official description mentions notes of praline and vanilla, but personally, I don't smell those at all. Nina isn't particularly sugary on me - it's mostly just very fruity and fresh, with a hint of appley sweetness. The lasting power is exceptional (up to twelve hours), but the scent isn't overbearing and is suitable for everyday wear. It's very versatile and perfect all year round, but I particularly enjoy it during spring - something about it makes me think of blossoming flowers and warm sunshine.

Try this if you like: Fresh scents that are perfect for everyday, such as Red Delicious by DKNY, and Amor Amor by Cacharel.

Escada - Especially (£22 for 30ml,
This perfume is basically spring in a bottle! I was lucky enough to pick up a 30ml size for just ten pounds at my local pharmacy, but it's generally very affordable and should be easy to find. This fragrance is based around the concept of dewy red roses, but there is also something very 'green' about it. I find that a lot of rose perfumes can be a little 'dusty' and old-smelling, but not this one. Especially is youthful and sparkling, with a hint of watery pear, which makes the overall scent more fruity and refreshing. Smelling this makes me think of a big, beautiful rose garden on a warm spring morning. It's absolutely gorgeous, and a lovely surprise from Escada, which is a brand that typically offers very generic, sugary perfumes - Especially is much more grown up and elegant. 

Try this if you like: Watery, fruity-floral perfumes that are watery but not too sweet, such as Bright Crystal by Versace and The One Rose by Dolce & Gabbana. This would be my top recommendation if you're looking for a feminine, wearable rose fragrance for spring.

Prada - Candy Florale (£37 for 50ml,
Honestly, I've always been a little confused by the name 'Florale' - this perfume isn't really that floral at all! This is fresh, zesty and uplifting, with still very feminine and sweet. Candy Florale combines sweet notes of honey and limoncello, which basically smells like bittersweet, refreshing lemonade. There is also a hint of warm caramel and delicate peonies (which are kind of like roses), giving the overall fragrance a lot of charm and femininity. What I really like about this scent is how it manages to be so sweet and zesty at the same time. It smells very youthful, pretty and 'pink', but it's not synthetic or sickeningly sugary. The quality is top notch, as can be expected of Prada; although the perfume itself is quite light and doesn't last for more than five hours.

Try this if you like: Fragrances that are both sweet and zesty, such as Acqua Di Gioia by Armani. The stunning bottle design makes this a wonderful gift idea!

Note: I decided to introduce something new to my perfume recommendations - instead of stating the RRP price, I've included the best online sales price that I could find off a reputable seller. None of these are sponsored - they are my own finds that I took the time to research, and will hopefully help you out if you're interested in any of these perfumes. x 

What are your favourite spring perfumes? Do you change up your scents depending on season? 


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