Monday 21 March 2016

Perfume of the month (March 2016): Hanae Mori - Butterfly

Hey, muffins! Instead of doing my typical monthly beauty favourites, I thought I'd introduce a new series dedicated to my top perfume picks of the month. I always enjoy changing up my scents depending on the mood and the season, and this month I've been particularly loving this gorgeous Butterfly Eau De Parfum by Hanae Mori. This is a sweet, creamy perfume which, to me, really encompasses everything I look for in a perfect fragrance - captivating scent, top-shelf quality and great lasting power.

My affair with Butterfly began a while ago, when a dear friend sent me a sample to try, as she thought that the scent might suit me. She wasn't wrong! I fell in love with this fragrance so much that I went ahead and bought a full bottle almost right away (£22, I'd never even heard of Hanae Mori before - it's a relatively small, Japenese fashion brand with over ten perfumes in their collection (Butterfly being the oldest one, from 1995). The bottle design is simple and elegant, adorned with a cap that resembles folded butterfly wings. It definitely looks more luxurious and expensive than it is, making it a lovely addition to any fragrance collection.

The composition opens with a blast of juicy strawberries, which smell very fresh and not too sweet. I find that sometimes, fruity perfumes can smell a little synthetic and sugary, but this is not the case with Butterfly. I wouldn't even call this a fruity scent - the initial berry blast wears off quite quickly, and the scent becomes softer and more floral. There are notes of rose and ylang-ylang lingering in the background, with a hint of sweet almonds and cosy vanilla. After the first hour, the woodsy undertones become more prominent - they are probably my favourite thing about this scent. The smell of dry woods is really intoxicating, and unlike anything I've encountered before - it gives Butterfly more of an edge, and balances out the sweeter notes. If I had to describe it in one sentence, I'd say that this perfume smells like fresh strawberries, cream, and a big cedar forest.

There is something very soothing and familiar about this scent - something that keeps me going back to it time and again. It's sweet in a very comforting way, like being wrapped up in your favourite blanket on a cold winter night. The quality is top-notch - the scent lasts throughout the whole day, but it's not overwhelmingly powerful. It's the kind of perfume that doesn't announce itself, but you will remember that it was there. It's feminine, delicate and very complex, perfect for any season and occasion.

Where can I find it? Hanae Mori might be a little difficult to find in person, as it is not really a mainstream brand. However, you can easily purchase it online - the best price I've found was £22.25 for 50ml at (not sponsored).

What scents have you been enjoying lately? x


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