Saturday 5 March 2016

Blogging tips for beginners (part I) - Finding your niche. How to make your blog stand out?

Hello, muffins! Today's post is the first part of a new series, dedicated to blogging tips. Whilst I don't consider myself to be an expert when it comes to blogging, I thought it might be useful to share a few things I've learned over the past few months. This post will focus on finding your own niche, and making your blog content more original. Hope you enjoy! 

Whenever I come across various 'blogging tips' articles, they always seem to mention 'finding your own niche' as a key to blogging success. However, producing original content and making your blog stand out can be incredibly difficult. There are thousands of new blogs being created every day, making it challenging for new bloggers to get noticed. This especially applies to beauty blogs - whenever you want to talk about your favourite makeup item or review a product, chances are that someone else has already covered the subject. Personally, I think that 'finding your niche' applies to more than just producing unique and original content (which is almost impossible, anyway). There are easier ways of making your blog stand out, which can be achieved by introducing a few small changes to your site: 

I think that introducing a few blog series dedicated to specific topics is a great and easy way of making your blog stand out. It makes your content more memorable and structured, making it easier for new readers to navigate your site. Some of the ongoing series on my blog include, for example, Bargain Finds,Unboxing & First Impressions and seasonal perfume recommendations. Now, these are by no means unique or original, and there are many bloggers who run similar series on their sites (and do a much better job at it!). It's difficult to come up with something completely unique, but any series you introduce will make your posts more memorable and give them a nice, personal touch. For example, if you write makeup reviews, you could split them up into series such as 'Budget makeup reviews', 'Impulse buy reviews - was it worth it?', or 'High-end makeup reviews'. Here are a few more examples of beauty-related topics and series that you could introduce to your blog:

♥ Budget makeup reviews
♥ High-end makeup reviews
♥ Disappointing products reviews
♥ Seasonal recommendations - it could be your favourite makeup picks, nail polishes, perfumes or skincare
products for spring, summer, etc.
♥ Favourite products from a specific brand, i.e. 'brand favourites'
♥ Monthly makeup wishlist
♥ Monthly product empties
♥ Monthly subscription boxes review
♥ Your top five - lipsticks, eyeshadows, palettes, blushes, mascaras etc. 
♥ Reviews comparing high-end products to drugstore alternatives
♥ Favourite beauty hacks - you could write a post dedicated to each one!
♥ Face of the day
Nail art of the month
♥ What's in your...? Bag, makeup bag, bathroom, travel essentials etc.
♥ Get ready with me - you could share your beauty routine depending on the occasion, e.g. morning or date night routines.
♥ Beauty hauls
♥ Makeup tutorials for different occasions

Images and layout can add a lot of personality to your blog. Flat-lay photos on marble backgrounds are gorgeous, but don't be afraid to add a little twist to your images. Be creative with your photo props - flowers and jewellery always look pretty, but why not go for something a little more original? Maybe you could use some old photographs, interesting perfume bottles, stationery or everyday items such as mugs or earphones? Or maybe you have a cute kitty or a dog that wouldn't mind featuring in some of your photoshoots? Anything that can add a little personal touch is great, and same goes for the blog layout. You could create a customized blog header, or introduce some unusual colours to your design. If you're serious about blogging, it may be worth investing in a premium blog template. I personally recommend either Etsy or Envye (not sponsored!), which are both great sources for beautiful and unique blog designs. 

In my last post, I asked my lovely readers about what they think makes a successful blogger. A majority of the answers said that it's the bloggers' personality that matters the most - moreso even than the actual content. Whenever I think of other blogs, I tend to remember them for the bloggers behind them, rather than the content (which still matters, of course). Let your personality shine through your blog - engage with your readers, reply to all the comments, but most importantly - just be yourself. Let your readers get to know you - maybe you could do a few personal tags, such as 50 facts about me or a Get to know me! tag. Remember, your blog is your own little corner of the internet where you can express yourself and share with other people. Your personality is what makes you special and unique, so don't be afraid to show it off! 

Have you been able to 'find your niche'? What are your tips for making your blog more original? 

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