Thursday 16 August 2018

5 benefits I've experienced on a vegan diet

Hello, loves! Today, I thought I'd do something a little different, and talk to you about my vegan diet. I've been eating vegan for a few months now, and even though I am still a newbie, it's definitely had a hugely positive impact on my life. I've had a lot of questions about my vegan diet, whether it's difficult and actually worth it; so today, I want to share with you five key benefits that I've experienced since going vegan. Of course, everyone's journey is different, and not every single person will have the same experiences on a vegan diet. These are just my personal, honest insights, and something I've been wanting to share with you for a while. Hope you enjoy!

Weight loss
This is the main thing that people ask about when comes to being vegan, and let me tell you - a plant-based diet is great for weight loss. You automatically cut out some of the most fattening foods, such as processed meats, cheese (especially cheese!), etc. Of course, some vegan foods can also be pretty fattening, but they will almost always be better for you. I've found weight loss to be pretty effortless on this diet - I don't count calories, I eat all I care for and I've still been losing weight - at a slower, but steady rate. So far, I've lost about 6kg (so 13 pounds) since the beginning of April. So whilst it's definitely not a 'quick weight loss' solution, it's been very consistent and nearly effortless to maintain!

More energy
I was honestly amazed at the difference this diet has made to my overall energy levels. I used to always be so slow and grouchy in the mornings, and then hit a wall at about 3 o'clock every day at work, when my brain would just burn out completely. I still have my tired days, of course, but I've been feeling so much more refreshed and energised since switching to a vegan diet. On top of the foods I eat, I also take B12 supplements (small dissolvable tablets) and liquid iron (a sachet of Spatone that you take in your orange juice) to help my energy levels, and I find that they both make the world of difference - definitely recommend checking those out!

Clearer skin
Skin is our largest organ, so it's no surprise that what we put in our body affects how it looks and feels. I've seen some pretty amazing skin transformations on the vegan diet, but I didn't expect to get such good results myself! Cutting out cheese made the biggest difference (I know it seems hard, but with the variety of dairy-free cheeses available, it's honestly so easy) - the redness and nasty oiliness that I was fighting for years, have finally cleared up. I still get occasional breakouts, but they're nowhere near as severe and frequent as before. Even my boyfriend commented on how much more radiant my skin looks!

Faster metabolism
This is somewhat linked to weight loss and might be a little TMI, but a vegan diet can really speed up your metabolism. I used to always believe that my poor metabolism was something genetic and out of my control, and I didn't realise just how much it's affected by what we put in our bodies. Some processed red meats can take up to 3 days to digest (!), whereas plant foods are always digested quickly and effortlessly. I no longer feel bloated after my meals (which can be common especially if you consume a lot of dairy, like I used to), even if I eat a lot - and trust me, I usually do!

Clearer conscience
This point, I think, is probably going to be the most disagreed with, but a vegan diet has honestly made me feel so much better on a mental level. I love animals, all animals, and it feels good and right to follow a diet that does not harm or exploit them in any way. To be completely honest, I didn't actually go vegan for ethical reasons, at least initially - it was mostly for health reasons. However, the more I've educated myself on the brutal truth behind the meat and dairy industry, the more it felt like I was making the right choice - not only in terms of my overall health, but also on an ethical level.

Hope you enjoyed this post, my loves! Let me know if you'd like to see more personal posts like this one - there is so much more I'd love to share!
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