Friday 31 August 2018

The Pip Box August 2018 vegan beauty box review

Hello, my loves! Today, I am very excited to be bringing you another, very special vegan beauty unboxing with the Pip Box. TheVeganKind box (which I reviewed for you last time) restored my faith in subscription boxes, so I was incredibly excited to team up with the Pip Box and review their August selection of all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. This box costs £20 with free UK delivery (although the cost is less per box if you choose a long-term subscription), and it will arrive at your door every month. The August box is the 'Energise Edit', with a focus on health, fitness and well-being. It definitely sounds promising, and I hope you enjoy!

The Pip Box August 2018 Edition - what's included? 

Benecos Concealer Palette (RRP £7.95)
This natural concealer palette comes with four different shades to cover up dark spots and circles, as well as neutralise redness. The texture is very thick and takes a little doing to apply evenly, but it does genuinely do a good job at covering up any imperfections. As much as I prefer liquid concealer formulas, this one isn't bad, so it was refreshing to try something a little different! My only criticism is that it does accentuate wrinkles and dry patches, so if you have dry skin, this might not be best suited for you.

Human + Kind Wash Off Facial Cleanser (RRP £7.95)
This is, hands down, my favourite product in this month's Pip Box! This cleanser is super thick, lathers well and most importantly, it does a really good job at removing makeup. I was honestly impressed with how effortlessly it melted away even waterproof mascara. It's also gentle on the skin and smells amazing, which is important as my skin gets irritated very easily. Definitely a hugely positive surprise, and I can 100% see myself purchasing a full size in the future.

T+ Detox Tea (bonus item)
As a huge tea lover, I was very happy to see a little tea sample included in this box. I love green tea, especially when it's fruity. This one is very mild-tasting and not harsh like a lot of green teas; herbal but with a very refreshing, fruity twist.

Naissance Work It Out Massage Oil (RRP £4.49)
This was a very interesting product to try. It's a massage oil that's supposed to help you ease aches and pains, by relaxing sore muscles. Whilst (luckily!) I haven't experienced any muscle pains myself so I can't really vouch for its effectiveness; this massage oil smells really lovely (a little like a pine forest), it absorbs well and definitely leaves that warm feeling on the skin. It definitely might come in handy one day!

Made By Coopers Awaken Atmosphere Mist (RRP £6)
I love fragrance mists so was very happy to see this, and let me tell you, this one is intense! A couple of sprays are enough to fill the room with a very fresh, uplifting fragrance. I can smell strong notes of fresh orange and grapefruit; with an interesting, slightly spicy black pepper undertone. Definitely one of the more memorable and strong-smelling fragrance mists that I've tried - it fits in well with the 'Energise' theme of this box!

Fit Pit Peppermint Deodorant (RRP £4)
I've honestly never used a cream deodorant before, so this was a very interesting product to try. It has thick consistency, but absorbs well when applied, and is advertised as particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The scent is very strong peppermint which can be a little off-putting at first (it smells kinda like toothpaste), but eases off after a while. In terms of effectiveness, I was positively surprised. This deodorant provides really good protection, although if I was to purchase it, I would likely pick a more neutral scent!

The box also includes two additional bonus items of the Vegan Life Magazine digital download (RRP £3.99), as well as one ticket to the Plant Based Life Event in London (RRP £12). I live nowhere near London so wouldn't be able to attend the event myself, but it's still a pretty cool thing to include, so I might just give that one away.

The Verdict!

The main thing I like about this month's Pip Box is the variety of items included. These are not your typical, mainstream beauty products; but rather interesting, more niche picks from smaller (but very worthy of discovering) brands. Whilst I am a little mixed on a couple of the goodies included (especially the concealer), I absolutely love the fragrance mist and the wash-off cleanser. The value for money is pretty great (over £46 including the bonus items), making this box well worth the investment. I think that if you're after an all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free subscription box that focuses on more than just standard beauty products, you'd absolutely love the Pip Box. I enjoyed it because it's helped me discover products that I wouldn't otherwise hear about, all whilst supporting the cruelty-free message!

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