Saturday 11 August 2018

The best cruelty-free perfume brands

Hello, my loves! Today's post is something I've been working on for a little while, and I'm very excited to finally share it with you. As some of you might know, perfumes are amongst my favourite things in the world. However, going cruelty-free made me realise just how many mainstream fragrance brands conduct animal testing, which honestly surprised me - in a bad way. You'd think that in 2018 animal testing would be a concept of the past, but unfortunately, since some countries (for example, China), require foreign products to be tested on animals by law, we are still far away from the cruelty-free dream. I love perfumes, I love collecting them and talking about them, and it's not something that I'd ever want to give up. So, I've been on a mission to find the best, most amazing cruelty-free scents. I'm still exploring new brands, but there are quite a few that have impressed me so far, which is what I want to share with you today. Hope you enjoy, my loves!

Pacifica casual and fruity
Pacifica has always been one of my favourite perfume brands, long before I've decided to go cruelty-free. They offer a wide range of natural, exotic, fruity perfumes that are also very affordable (£19 for a 28ml bottle). My personal favourites from the range include Blood Orange (refreshing and perfect especially for hot summer months) and Island Vanilla (sweet, natural and comforting - a must-have for any vanilla lovers!).

Lush - versatile and sweet
I've always been a huge fan of Lush products (who doesn't love their bath bombs!), but only recently started to explore their fragrances. They have an interesting range of scents, definitely less mainstream, very unique and also quite affordable. My personal favourite is their Vanillary perfume, which offers an unusual take on vanilla. It's not as sweet, with some deep, almost smokey hints of tonka bean and floral jasmine.

Kat Von D - independent and edgy
Kat Von D doesn't actually have a lot of fragrances, but her Saint and Sinner duo (£50 for a 50ml bottle each) is absolutely gorgeous and will suit a variety of tastes. Saint is very delicate, floral and almost sparkling; whereas Sinner is more fruity, dark and mysterious. I've written a full review of Sinner on the blog before, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoys perfumes that are a little dark and edgy; but still very warm and feminine.

Lavanila - elegant and comforting
I've only recently discovered this brand, but I'm absolutely in love with their Healthy Fragrance range! All of their scents are vanilla-based, but with a range of interesting twists that give them more depth and character. The quality is great, although they are a little more pricey at about £37 for a 50ml bottle. My personal recommendation would be the Vanilla Grapefruit, which is both sweet and zesty - perfect for the summer!

Tocca elegant and luxurious
If you are looking for something more sophisticated, I'd definitely recommend checking out Tocca. Their scents are a little more on the pricey side (£55 for a 50ml bottle, but check out your local TK Maxx for sales!), but also very luxurious and elegant. They're pretty good at capturing different scents as they would appear in nature, and focus mostly on floral, feminine and almost bridal compositions. Cleopatra is my personal favourite, with delicate notes of patchouli, jasmine and peach.

The Body Shop - casual and uplifting
You really can't go wrong with The Body Shop fragrances - they're affordable, likeable, and will suit many tastes. They're not as refined and long-lasting as your standard eau de parfum formulations, but more casual and suitable for everyday wear. They truly do have an amazing range of scents available, so there is definitely something for everyone here. Personally, I love their Japanese Cherry Blossom (floral and sparkling!), and White Musk Smoky Rose (dark and elegant).

Hope you enjoyed these recommendations, my loves! Let me know if there are any other cruelty-free perfume brands that you know of and would recommend. Always looking for more suggestions!
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