Wednesday 5 September 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Norvina' eyeshadow palette review + swatches

Hello, my loves! Today is a very special day - I am very excited to be bringing you a review of the Norvina eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills (£43). This palette has caused quite a stir in the beauty community (with some complaints of heavy fallout and powdery texture), so I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally try it out for myself. When I first saw the Norvina eyeshadow palette online, I was completely obsessed with the shade selection. Most of the palettes I own are very warm-toned, so I was excited to try something a little different and slightly out of my comfort zone. Today, I will be sharing with you my honest thoughts on this little palette. Is it worth the hype? Is the fallout really that bad? Let's find out together!

Norvina features fourteen versatile eyeshadows, with seven matte and seven metallic finishes. I really like how the selection is separated into two rows (one for matte, and one for metallic shades) - it looks very neat and tidy! The palette comes in a classic Anastasia Beverly Hills velvet packaging, which both looks and feels very high-end and luxurious. There is also a sizeable mirror and a double-ended bristle brush included, to help you apply and blend the eyeshadows.

I honestly love the shade selection in this palette. The colours are sparkly, unique and almost whimsical, like something out of a fairy tale. Interestingly enough, the Norvina palette is actually not as cool-toned as it might appear at first. Aside from the blues and purples, it's fairly neutral, with a few shades carrying warm undertones.

The Metallics

The metallic shades are probably the most sparkling I've seen in any Anastasia Beverly Hills palette to date. They are rich, beautifully pigmented and buttery. It was difficult to capture just how metallic and multi-dimensional the finish is (they look a little blinding in the swatches); but they are honestly beautiful when blended out on the eyelids. One thing I can't get over, however, is how fragile the formula is! You have to be very careful dipping into these, because they make a mess and cause a lot of fallout. Once blended out, they last all day without smudging; but the application is a messy process!

The Mattes

I am not sure how clear this is in the swatches, but these aren't really 'true' mattes. There seems to be just a slight amount of shimmer in them (just look at the above close-up of Soul in the pan), and they are not as dry as mattes can be. They feel buttery, offer fantastic pigmentation and lasting power. However, similarly to the metallic shades, they are incredibly fragile and will give you a huge amount of fallout. I feel that they are not as powdery as the shimmers, but you still need to be a little careful - I find that it's easier to apply these with a slightly damp brush.

Swatches taken in direct sunlight, one layer of eyeshadow applied with a damp brush.

The shimmers; swatches taken away from direct sunlight, one layer applied with a finger. 

The mattes; swatches taken away from direct sunlight, one layer applied with a finger. 

The Shades

Dreamer. Metallic pink champagne. Perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes.
Summer. Metallic golden colour. A true, golden shade with warm undertones; very metallic.
Wild Child. Frosty, metallic pink. A light pink shade with warm undertones. This is one of the most fragile eyeshadows in the palette, so I'd recommend applying with a damp brush.
Rose Gold. Metallic rosewood. My favourite shimmer in the palette - it's actually fairly dark, but with a true metallic finish.
Celestial. Metallic, chromatic purple. Slightly cooler, medium purple - very interesting and unique.
Dazzling. Metallic, chromatic bronze. A medium bronze shade with warm undertones - works beautifully when paired up with Summer.
Drama. Metallic, chromatic aubergine. Rich, deep plum shade - not as fragile as most other eyeshadows in this palette.

Base. Matte eggshell. Very light beige with a self-explanatory name!
Soul. Matte wisteria. One of my favourites in this palette - a dusty wisteria shade with a touch of sparkle, and cool undertones. Something about it feels very whimsical and nostalgic.
Incense. Dusty, matte terracotta. Medium brown that works beautifully as a transitional shade.
Love. Matte, cool pink. Dusty, cool rose that's a lot more powdery than most other mattes in this palette. Beautiful colour, but lots of fallout!
Volatile. Matte. warm charcoal. Medium, warm brown shade with a more 'true' matte finish.
Eccentric. Matte, burnt dark orange. Medium brown with warm, almost orange undertones.
Passion. Matte, deep garnet. The darkest shade in this palette - a deep, rich plum with warm, brown undertones.

This is the palette after I used it for the first time to swatch the eyeshadows - I was being careful, but you can see just how much of a mess it ended up being. The shimmers especially are extremely fragile and don't really stay together in the pan. 

The Good

♡ Beautiful, versatile shade selection
♡ Amazing pigmentation
♡ Stunning packaging (+ brush included)
♡ Creamy, buttery eyeshadow consistency
♡ Long-lasting once applied

The Bad

♡ Very fragile formula (especially the metallics)
♡ Lots of fallout when applying

The Verdict

Overall, I really like the Norvina eyeshadow palette - but, with some reservations. I absolutely love the versatile, yet unique shade selection. It's great for soft, casual looks; but you can also get creative and experiment with some of the bolder colours. The pigmentation and the lasting power are absolutely wonderful, and if it wasn't for how loose and fragile these eyeshadows are, it would probably be my favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. These eyeshadows honestly aren't easy to work with - as you can see in the photo above, the metallics especially fall apart at the touch of a brush. It's much easier if you dampen you brush first, but it's still a huge downside. Therefore, I am giving the Norvina eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills an honest 7/10!
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