Saturday 22 September 2018

The Best Perfumes For Autumn! 2018 Recommendations

Hello, my jelly beans! It's been such a long time since I did a seasonal perfume recommendations post for you. I actually took a pretty long break from talking about fragrances in general, and haven't bought a single new bottle this year! I've been trying to appreciate what I already have instead, so I've been looking forward to sharing these carefully selected picks with you, loves. Autumn is probably my favourite season (who doesn't love the cool, crispy, pumpkin-spiced goodness!), and it's also the perfect time to wear perfumes that are a little more bold, sweet and intense. My favourite autumn fragrance notes include earthy patchouli, balsamic amber and sweet caramel; all of which will feature in today's list. Hope you enjoy!

DKNY Delicious Night (£20 for 30ml,
This is my favourite fragrance out of the entire DKNY range - and also, one of the most unusual scents ever! Delicious Night is dark, mysterious, almost 'cold',  but still distinctively feminine. The composition combines unusual notes of smoky incense, spicy ginger and juicy blackberries; with a balsamic background of amber and myrrh. It's such an intense, but beautiful composition that makes me think of autumn nights, witch potions and Halloween. It's along the same lines as the classic Midnight Poison by Dior, although much more wearable, versatile, and for less than half the price! 

Victoria's Secret Heavenly (£40 for 50ml, Victoria's Secret)
I've talked about this perfume quite a lot on the blog already, but I could not imagine my autumn recommendations without it! Heavenly is a complete departure from the typical Victoria's Secret fragrances - it's not fruity-sweet; but more powdery, soft and clean. Smelling this always makes me think of being wrapped up in a big, fluffy duvet, which is exactly how you want to feel during those cold, autumn nights! I'd wholeheartedly recommend it if you are not into the usual, mainstream fragrances - Heavenly is very different, utterly beautiful and instantly recognisable.

Katy Perry Purr (£8.99 for 30ml, Scentsational Perfumes)
This is, hands down, my favourite celebrity pick for autumn! I am by no means a Katy Perry fan, but I do think that she makes the most wonderful fragrances. Purr is girly, but not juvenile; sweet, but not overwhelmingly sugary. It smells fruity from the peach, milky from the coconut, softened with sweet jasmine, and strengthened with dark sandalwood. There is also a unique bamboo note that's quite exotic, and very prominent throughout the composition. It's just such an easy to wear and enjoy perfume - it doesn't take itself too seriously; it's sweet, cosy, comforting and incredibly likeable.

Diesel Loverdose (£25 for 30ml, Landy's Chemist)
Definitely one of my top, and also more affordable choices for autumn. Loverdose is sweet, comforting, but there is also something uplifting about it - great for getting you through those cold, gloomy autumn days. The scent is based around sweet, creamy notes of vanilla and liquorice, with a hint of amber and citruses. It's an unusual combo, but it works surprisingly well! It's a very girly, delicious, good-enough-to-eat kind of fragrance that's definitely more on the playful and flirty side. The bottle is stunning, too - designed to resemble a heart-shaped diamond pierced by an arrow, coloured in lovely shades of purple.

Cartier La Panthere (£40 for 50ml,
This fragrance is actually a modern interpretation of the original Panthere fragrance released in 1986. It smells bold, sophisticated and feminine, with a hint of something very 'vintage'. The scent combines notes of dried fruits, powdery gardenia and fresh oakmoss - perfect for those crispy autumn evenings! La Panthere is mature and  elegant, with a very 'classic' feel to it. Perfect especially for special occasions - it will make you smell like a million dollars. The quality of this fragrance is top-notch - it smells expensive and luxurious, truly upholding the elegant image of the Cartier label.

Givechy Very Irresistible L'Intense (£40 for 50ml, Boots)
This perfume truly smells like autumn in a bottle! I've been completely obsessed with it ever since I first discovered it. Very Irresistible L'Intense is incredibly sexy, dark, mysterious and edgy. It smells like ripe, juicy plums on the bed of delicate roses; with a sharp, earthy patchouli undertone. It's an interesting composition of seemingly contrasting accords, but they come together beautifully to create a truly unique fragrance. If you have ever tried the popular Euphoria by Calvin Klein - this perfume is a little similar, but lighter, more fruity, and in general more wearable. 

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial (£50 for 75ml, Scentsational Perfumes) 
This is a fresh, youthful interpretation of the original Shalimar fragrance from 1925, which is one of the most important perfume classics in history. This version smells like iris flowers, caramel and expensive lipstick! It's powdery, elegant, exotic and a little unusual. I definitely find it a lot more wearable than the original Shalimar fragrance; plus the floral crispiness makes it perfect for those cool, autumn months. A lovely pick if you are after something very classy and sophisticated, but I'd definitely recommend testing it before you buy, as it's quite bold and likely not for everyone.

What are your favourite perfumes to wear in autumn? Do you change up your fragrances depending on the season? 
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